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better.integrations – Interfaces for perfect automation without effort

Added value

More networking for your automated future

Interfaces, or APIs for short, are the basis for networking systems and form the basis for automated processes without manual effort. We know this and with better.integrations we ensure smooth processes in hotels, schools, clinics and all other types of non-residential buildings. That’s why our software solutions have interfaces to the most important providers in the various sectors.

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Over 60 APIs

More choice for optimal processes in your business

With better.integrations, you get access to over 60 interfaces to the most important partners for you and your business. In addition to well-known Property Management System (PMS) providers, these also include well-known rating portals and platforms as well as many other solution providers for your industry. The number of our interfaces continues to grow rapidly.

Your provider is not listed? No problem, just get in touch with us. Together we’ll find the perfect solution for your non-residential building!


Why are interfaces so important?

Interfaces ensure economies of scale and optimise your operating processes while reducing costs. In short, interfaces help you to make your processes even more effective and efficient while increasing convenience in your building. Without APIs, digitalisation can hardly work and brings few advantages. better.integrations enables and regulates the exchange of data and commands between better.guest and/or and various third-party systems.

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Turn your building into a smart building with better.integrations

Better.integrations uses a wide range of interface protocols such as FIAS, File and REST. Old-fashioned stand-alone solutions have had their day and will disappear from the market in the future. The interfaces via better.integrations offer you the opportunity to digitalise your building and personalise processes. This allows you to achieve increased, networked, data-driven efficiency and turn your building into a smart building. This gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Occupancy-dependent control without duplicate data maintenance

The interface between and PMS systems simplifies your work. The better.integrations API is used to automatically transfer the occupancy data from the property management software to As a result, the energy management solution always knows whether a room is occupied or not and automatically controls the temperature depending on the occupancy. Like magic, only intelligent, automated and digital.

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Faster and simpler processes in your hotel

The better.guest digital guest directory offers you a wide range of interfaces from PMS to POS, rating platforms and other providers such as hotelkit. This allows you to get the most out of your hotel and simplify processes for you, your employees and your guests while increasing personalisation.

The future

Strongly networked for more automation

The better.integrations interface network is constantly growing thanks to new interfaces to other third-party systems. Still can’t find the right interface for you and your needs? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to clarify your individual requirements and check the connection to your applications and providers.

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We let our customers speak for us

“For LOISIUM, the cooperation with Betterspace symbolises a collaboration at eye level with great potential.”

Mustafa Oezdemir,
Managing Partner

“It’s a good feeling to have found someone who knows what they’re talking about and is constantly developing. We have great confidence in Betterspace.”

Maria Kuhl,
Hotel Director


What are optimised processes in your company worth to you?

We know that digitalisation cannot develop its full potential without the networking of different software solutions, i.e. without interfaces. That’s why we guarantee that there are no ongoing costs for the interface. Only a fair expense and provider-related fee is due for the initial creation and configuration. This varies depending on the provider and third-party system. This means you can be sure that no additional costs will be incurred.1