Smart Building

The smart building solutions for your company


Turn your building into an intelligently networked building

The intelligent room control system turns your non-residential building, whether hospital, retirement home or office building, into a smart building. The smart heating control system regulates your radiators in a future-oriented and reliable way, ensuring intelligent networking and control. The modern energy management solution follows the smart building concept and is based on the new LoRaWAN data transmission technology. This means that offers you numerous opportunities to save on energy costs and CO2 emissions.


What is the smart building approach behind

Smart building refers to the intelligent networking and digitalisation of buildings and building complexes, such as offices or hotels. Networking is made possible by the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, and ensures that is well informed about all radiators in the hotel at all times. Thanks to IoT and LoRaWAN wireless technology, the software always knows which radiator is in operation and what the current valve positions and temperatures are.

smart lorawan thermostat for radiators


Wired solutions vs.

While many smart energy management solutions rely on the wired setup of an IoT network, is based on battery-powered wireless thermostats and state-of-the-art LoRaWAN data transmission technology. This offers more flexibility and saves a lot of network and power cables. This makes installation in your building much easier. In addition, identifying system faults is much more problematic with wired solutions.

Scalable and future-oriented smart building technology

With, you can rely on an expandable and innovative energy management solution for non-residential buildings of all kinds. The smart software with LoRaWAN wireless technology gives you security when it comes to expanding your building, as it can be easily scaled. So if you want to expand at a later date, or start with just a few rooms and only equip other areas later, this is simple and straightforward. can also be managed across multiple locations. So if you have several buildings, you can easily simplify and optimise heating management with one solution.