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better.guest Feature

Unlimited possibilities to reach your guests


That makes better.guest the best guest directory

The digital guest directory leaves no open questions. Discover the unique features which makes your work easier and brings a smile to the faces of your guests. Nobody offers you more promising application possibilities. Move forward and not backwards!


In-Room Tablet BYOD (App)
Recommend sights to your guests
Hotel information
All the information regarding your hotel
Trip destinations
Present destinations for a trip
Shopping options
Give shopping recommendations
Hotel ABC
Hotel information
Religious books
The Bible, Quran etc.
The latest online editions of newspapers and magazines
Photo gallery
Present your hotel from it’s most beautiful side
App integration
Integration of third-party apps from the Google Play Store

Sales & additional revenues

In-Room Tablet BYOD (App)
Orders without long detours
Shopping cart
Here you will find all bookings
Food and drink recommendations
Make advertising for your events
Keep your guests up to date
Increase your turnover
Push messages
Send targeted offers
Overwies of invoices
Overview of all items on the hotel bill

Marketing & Image

In-Room Tablet BYOD (App)
Social media
Integrate Facebook, Twitter and Co.
Individual design
Adaptable to your corporate design
Greeting cards
The digital postcard
Hotel rating
One evaluation says more than 1000 flyers
Quick feedback
Intervene immediately before bad reviews arise
Analysis and reporting
Learn from user behaviour

Processes & Workflows

In-Room Tablet BYOD (App)
Status Mode
Always keep an eye on the status of each tablet
Service Manager
Optimizes internal processes
Cancel room cleaning
For guests staying longer than one night
Chat function
Chat with reception
PMS connection
You cannot address your guests in a more targeted way
Hotel chain control*
10 hotels, 1 content updated at the push of a button
Theft protection
It is impossible to them with you
iQ Pro Server*
Reduces the Internet traffic of digital guest folders
Chatbot integration
Fast answers automated and direct

Guest satisfaction

In-Room Tablet BYOD (App)
real-time translation thanks to intelligent software
Various games for young and old
The secure Internet browser, also with parental control
Taxi call
taxi order at the push of a button
Wake Up Call
Wake up your guests according to their wishes
Route planner
Hepls planning the next trip
TV program
TV programs, the current program at a glance
More than a few short videos
Music on, world off
Language Packs
Present information in different languages
Babyphone function
Acoustic monitoring using the tablet on the guest smartphone