In-Room Tablet mit digitaler Gästemappe


Endless possibilities with the digital guest directory


What makes better.guest the best guest directory ever

The digital guest directory leaves nothing to be desired. Discover the unique features1 with which better.guest makes your work easier and puts a smile on your guests’ faces. Nobody offers you more promising application options. Go ahead and don’t lag behind!


Icon Sehenswürdigkeit

Places of interest

Recommend places of interest in the surrounding area to your guests

Icon Information

Hotel information

Provide your guest with all the important information about the hotel

Icon Navigation

Sightseeing destinations

Give your guests tips for worthwhile excursion destinations in the vicinity

Icon Shopping

Shopping opportunities

Show your guests the best shopping opportunities in the area

Icon User Fragen

Hotel A to Z

Show your guests everything they need to know about your hotel from A to Z.

Icon Buch

Books of God

Use the guest folder to provide your guests with books of God such as the Bible or the Koran

Icon Zeitung


Present your guests with the latest online editions of newspapers and magazines

Icon Bildergalerie

Photo gallery

Show your hotel from its most beautiful side

Icon Smartphone

App integration

Integrate apps from the Google Play Store quickly and easily

Turnover & additional revenue

Icon Shopping


Orders quickly end up where they belong without long detours

Icon Warenkorb

Shopping basket

Your guests can find all their bookings and orders here

Icon Restaurant


Show what you have and give your guests food and drink recommendations

Icon Event


Advertise your own events or present events organised by others

Icon Newsletter


Keep your guests up to date and let them subscribe to your newsletter via the guest directory

Icon Roomservice

Room service

Let your guests order with just a few clicks via the guest directory and increase your turnover

Icon Chat

Push messages

Send targeted and automated push message offers directly to your guests via the smart tablets

Icon Rechnung

View invoices

Let your guests check the bill in advance. This function is only possible in combination with an interface

Marketing & image

Icon social media

Social Media

Integrate Facebook, Instagram and Co and improve your social media reputation

Customised design

The guest directory is customisable to your corporate design and blends seamlessly with your marketing

Icon Bildergalerie

Greeting cards

Let your guests send digital postcards to those who stayed at home, preferably with pictures of your hotel

Icon Hotelbewertung

Hotel rating

Collect reviews quickly and easily, they ultimately say more than 1,000 flyers

Icon Feedback


Gives you the opportunity to intervene immediately before bad reviews and ratings arise

Analysis and reporting

Analyse the needs of your guests and learn from their usage behaviour to get the most out of the digital guest directory

Processes & workflows

Icon Status

Status Manager

With the Status Manager, you always have the status of each tablet in view

Icon Service mode

Service Mode

Optimises internal processes and communication between reception, housekeeping and technicians

Icon Reinigung

Cancel room cleaning

Let guests staying longer than one night cancel room cleaning with one click

Icon Chat


Guests chat with your reception team in real time and with simultaneous translation into hundreds of languages

Icon Link

PMS connection

Greet your guests personally by connecting the digitale guest directory to your PMS – there’s no better way to address them directly

Icon Haus

Hotel chain control

You have 10 hotels and want to update all contents of the guest directory? At the touch of a button with better.guest

Icon Diebstahlschutz

Theft protection

This makes unauthorised removal impossible and all guest folders stay where they belong, in your hotel rooms

Icon Bot

Chatbot integration

Integrate a chatbot and let it respond automatically to incoming enquiries from your guests – saving time and nerves

Icon Rezeption


Check out via the guest directory? That’s possible, but only in combination with our partner straiv

Icon Telefon


Your guests use your guest directory as a telephone to make calls to reception and the outside world

Guest satisfaction

Icon Übersetzung


Your guest directory is there for all guests thanks to real-time translation using intelligent software

Icon Spiele


Give your guests the opportunity to pass the time with games for young and old.

Icon Internet


Your guest directory also has an Internet browser and thus functions as an Internet device, of course with a parental control browser if required

Icon Taxi

Taxi call

At the touch of a button, your guests can order a taxi to explore the city or attend events

Icon Alarm

Wake Up Call

Wake up your guests according to their wishes – conveniently with the tablet

Icon Navigation

Route planner

Your guests can plan their next excursion with confidence

TV programme

Your guests have an overview of the current TV programme without any paper

Icon YouTube


YouTube is also available with the digital guest directory

Icon Radio


Music on, world off, this is also possible with your guest directory without any additional hardware

Icon Übersetzung

Language packages

Present your hotel information in different languages

Icon Baby

Baby monitor function

This turns the guest directory into a baby monitor. Parents can relax while the little ones sleep in the room

Icon Bildergalerie

Photo gallery

The temperature is lowered at night and raised again in the morning. This is done either by means of predefined temperatures or with a fixed offset.

  1. Some functions depend on the choice of your PMS provider and the interfaces as well as the output medium ↩︎