Smartes Heizungsthermostat an Heizung und better.guest Tablet im Hintergrund

With this hardware you have your energy management under control


Elegant wireless thermostats without the bells and whistles

The smart wireless LoRaWAN radiator thermostats are perfectly adapted for use in non-residential buildings, such as office buildings or hospitals. Without any buttons or frills, the thermostats impress with their robustness and simple yet elegant design. You set the desired temperature by turning the outer ring. The change in temperature is shown in real time in degrees on the integrated numerical display on the front.

Hand adjusts thermostat to 21 degrees Celsius

Simple installation

The high-quality thermostats are easy to install without interfering with the heating system.

Timeless design

The thermostats fit seamlessly into any and every room.

Einzelnen LoRaWAN Thermostat auf hellgrünem Hintergrund

Robust design

The thermostats have no buttons or details that make it possible to adjust anything other than the temperature.

Everything at a glance

The set temperature is clearly shown on the numerical display on the front of the wireless thermostat.

Intelligent heating control

Heat intelligently and save money at the same time

Let automatically regulate your heating in non-residential buildings, whether hotels, hospitals or public administration buildings. The efficient control system ensures comfortable temperatures in occupied rooms and keeps empty rooms at an energy-efficient level.