SoftTec GmbH
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87527 Sonthofen

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Since 1986, SoftTec GmbH has been developing numerous software products that not only benefit hoteliers, but also support companies with field staff or service employees. During product development, the company works closely with hotel professionals and experts from the industry to create user-friendly and intuitive solutions. SoftTec GmbH’s offering is comprehensive and holistic, so that accommodation providers receive everything they need for digitalisation from a single provider.

The brands include the multi-award-winning hotline hotel software , which is already being used successfully in over 3,500 hotels. All common hotel systems can be connected to the hotel programme via interfaces, from online bookability and channel management to restaurant checkouts and check-in machines.

SoftTec GmbH offers the Easy2Bon POS solution as a stationary POS or mobile app solution. Thanks to its intuitive menu navigation, the POS system is extremely easy to use. After customised configuration, the cash register is immediately ready for use. It includes all basic functions as well as many other features and fulfils all legal requirements of the tax authorities and is therefore GDPdU/GoBD-certified.

The SoftTec online booking system with the channel manager enables the quick use of a commission-free IBE without prior knowledge or training – for easy direct bookability on your own hotel website.

SoftTec also offers an automatic enquiry manager, voucher management, the digital registration form and the guest app as well as products such as the check-in kiosk and payment – the cashless payment technology. This allows the entire guest journey to be digitalised.

SoftTec GmbH also offers professional web services for hotels. The websites focus on a modern look with all important functions at a glance.

Hoteliers thus receive everything from a single source and use the software products to simplify their day-to-day work, save time and reduce the workload of their staff.

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