Hotelgast bestellt die tägliche Zimmerreinigung mit der Green Option über die digitale Gästemappe auf dem In-Room Tablet ab


Reduce costs in your hotel with the digital guest directory better.guest

Savings potential with better.guest

The perfect tool for sustainable cost reduction in your hotel

The digital guest directory not only helps you to significantly improve your communication and increase guest satisfaction, but also to reduce your costs – easily and effortlessly.

  • Reduce your printing costs in the hotel and save on flyers & co.
  • Reduce your paper consumption enormously with the guest directory
  • Deploy your hotel staff more efficiently and thus reduce costs
  • Minimise your cleaning costs with the in-room tablet

Reduce hotel costs

Printed room folders are a thing of the past, today hoteliers use digital solutions

In the future, you will never need to print out guest information again. Make all special offers and information available to your guests with the digital guest directory. With better.guest, your guests are always up to date. In the lobby, in the hotel room or on the go – with digital guest directory, printed information is a thing of the past. Experience now how easy it can be to reduce printing costs and finally say goodbye to paperwork.

Various flyers, remote control and lamp on a hotel room table

Before: Often there is chaos on the desk in the hotel room with flyers & brochures

Digital guest directory better.guest is on a table in the hotel room

After: Tidy up the desk in the hotel room with the digital guest directory

You can easily integrate the latest offers, tips for events or flyers for the nearby leisure park into your digital guest directory. Say goodbye to brochures, flyers and information folders with unsightly signs of use and the associated costs. In addition, the printed guest folder is not a highlight for your guest and, in the worst case, will be ignored.

Avoid printing costs

Reducing printing costs made easy thanks to digital guest directory

Of course, the guest directory needs to be kept up to date. What can be updated in a matter of seconds with the digital guest directory is not possible with the printed information folder. The guest directory has to be reprinted. This is not only time-consuming, but also costs money.

You pay an average of 16 cents per colour copy. With 20 pages, that’s an additional 320 euros per year. You fill the folders yourself. At this point, we prefer to ignore the cost of exchanging the information. So you spend almost 4,000 euros on folders that show signs of wear again and again and are hardly ever picked up by a guest. A lot of money for little effect. Invest the money in digital guest directory instead. The smart room folders don’t cost any more, but they increase your turnover and pay for themselves.

Cancel room cleaning

Minimise cleaning costs with the digital guest directory

Offer your guests the option of cancelling daily room cleaning. With the help of the digital guest directory, you can inform your guests about the option to easily cancel room cleaning in their hotel room. Explain to your guests how easy it is to take a stand for the environment and climate protection. All they have to do is cancel the daily room cleaning service. This saves water and reduces waste water. You reduce your consumption and cut your operating costs with the help of smart guest directories. Your staff will also save time cleaning the rooms.

Did you know that…?

the average cost of room cleaning is around €7.30 per hotel room. If a hotel guest cancels room cleaning with the digital guest directory just once a month per hotel room, you have already refinanced the licence costs for this.

Daniel Welter, Hotel Manager VdK Kur- und Erholungshotel

Relieve your hotel staff

Give your staff more time for guests with the digital guest directory

At a time when the word “staff shortage” dominates the news, the digital guest directory gives you a decisive advantage. Use it and give your staff the opportunity to focus on important tasks.

Your guests are always well informed

What are the breakfast times? How long can I use the sauna? When do I have to check out? Your reception team won’t spend time answering recurring questions. The guest directory can do that too. Your employees have more time to devote to the individual wishes of your guests.

Current newspapers and magazines

Your chambermaids don’t have to distribute the TV newspapers and other magazines to every room every week. The digital guest directory always provides the latest TV guides. Your guests can choose from a wide range of magazines – and don’t have to go without their favourite magazine while on holiday.

Information updated in seconds

Displaying the latest offers in every hotel room and updating your analogue guest information folder will no longer take up any time. You can update your information on the digital guest directory simultaneously in all rooms at the touch of a button, without having to enter each one individually.