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Our vision

Making smart spaces accessible for everyone

Our mission: We empower people to be more productive and feel good by transforming buildings into sustainable, smart and connected places. We want to help people work more efficiently and feel good all round at the same time. We achieve this by transforming buildings into something special – sustainable, smart and connected places. Continue your career with us and become part of the! Find out more about us here.


All departments at a glance

Welcome to Betterspace! As part of our team, you can look forward to an international and inspiring work environment where you can contribute your skills and ideas. We focus on our core products and yet stand for variety: equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion characterise our corporate culture. We work together in an appreciative, objective and cooperative manner, we give feedback and are happy to accept it. Learn more about our teams and management here:

Betterspace Geschäftsführung Alexander spisla, benjamin köhler und marcel schöttke


Alex, Ben and Marcel

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Product Management, Development and UX/UI

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Warehouse, Support and Customer Success

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Sales, Inside Sales and Customer Care

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Content and Performance Marketing

ASA Hotelsoftware


Purchasing, Finance and People & Culture

Values and guiding principles

What Betterspace stands for

We spend a third of our day at work. A safe, meaningful, appreciative and positive working environment is the most important basis for working well. Our values and guiding principles for good leadership are based on this and ensure that our team leads accompany, inspire, motivate and organise the teams in such a way that you feel comfortable and that the team tasks and company goals are achieved. We also promote the idea of employee leadership: every team member actively takes responsibility and develops as an individual.


Employees give their best every day


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cups of coffee and tea are consumed per year

Benefits and more

What we offer you at Betterspace

We want our team to benefit from fair and good working conditions and also focus on benefits that create real added value for as many employees as possible. In this way, we create the basis for fair and equal opportunities. We always make decisions with a sense of proportion and design our additional benefits to be sustainable.

Work-life balance

To ensure that you stay fit and motivated at work, after-work hours, weekends and holidays are reserved for you, your family and your hobbies. In consultation with your team lead, you can also attend private appointments during the day.


In addition to the 28 days of recreational leave, there is additional leave for Christmas/New Year’s Eve and for special family occasions. Contact us in good time if you are planning to take up to four weeks off or a workation.

Flexible working

A mix of office and mobile working works well for us. We work in the office two days a week and work from home on three days. Individual home office arrangements are possible for some roles.


We offer a number of part-time positions so that you can combine your private and professional lives. Depending on the position, it is possible to start with 20 to 32 hours per week.


The offices in Kassel and Ilmenau are located in the city centre, the rooms (2 to 6 workstations) are bright and friendly. There are free parking spaces, bicycle stands and good bus and train connections. Just for the sake of completeness, we would like to mention the coffee and tea flat rate.

No dress code

There is no dress code. We are casual, e.g. in our Betterspace hoodies. For customer visits, however, it can also be a little more chic.


Personally, we take you as you are – no matter where you come from, how you love or what you believe in. As long as you enjoy your work, enjoy learning and share our vision, you’ll fit right in with us.

Family friendly

Crazy after-work nights are rare – except with the kids at home. But we understand all family and care issues and you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Health & pensions

Our company doctor carries out health checks and we offer a company pension scheme via deferred compensation, for which we provide a subsidy as an employer.

Benefits & feelgood

We surprise you with goodies and invite you to team activities such as laser tag, hiking or a visit to the Christmas market. We travel to the all-company event from all parts of Germany and Austria and counteract the end-of-year stress with a virtual Christmas party. With corporate benefits, you benefit from employee discounts.

Working with professionals

Most of our team members are at regular or senior level and have several years of experience. New team members can expect comprehensive professional onboarding so that you quickly familiarise yourself with all topics. We develop your skills in a targeted manner and plan your development together with you.

Focus on the right things

This means: healthy work with the best possible results. Our team is made up of people with experience who have arrived in their careers and where, for example, the family phase plays a role in everyday life. We are correspondingly focussed at work. Our meeting planning is based on: as much as necessary, as little as possible. This allows us to concentrate with few interruptions.


Our vacancies

Sorry, there are currently no vacancies available.

You can find more job offers on our German website.


What kununu says about us

“Absolutely flexible employer with great colleagues and a varied range of tasks.”

April 2023

“Flexible employer!”

November 2023

FAQs about our application process

What is the best way to apply?

Have you found a position that suits you on our job page? Then apply directly via the career portal or send us your documents directly by email to If you have found the position on LinkedIn or Indeed, please send us a one-click application. All we need for a first impression is your CV, when you can start and an indication of your desired salary.

What happens after I send in my application?

Our recruiting team will send you a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. The team will also check your documents and ask you if any important information is missing, e.g. about your possible start date or desired salary. We will then forward your documents to the relevant team lead or specialist department. To ensure that both sides benefit in the end, we take time for you and your application. We try to give you a binding answer within the first 10 days, but ask for your understanding if it takes longer for feedback.

Which interviews will take place?

Depending on the position, we flexibly schedule two to three interviews. We block out about an hour for the first video call with our team lead. This is where you find out everything about the company and the position and can clarify any open questions. We also want to get to know you and find out more about your skills, qualifications and interests in a relaxed conversation. If it’s a good fit for both sides, we’ll schedule a personal interview at the location where you can get to know the team and our office. We can optionally arrange a third appointment, e.g. as part of a trial day. If all parties are in agreement, we will send you an employment contract.

What counts most for you in an interview?

Quite simply: it has to fit. Depending on the position, your technical skills must be available or we must agree that you can develop them within six to twelve months. We also pay attention to the interpersonal fit: how do you act in the team, how do you communicate, how do you get involved? You should share our values such as transparency, fairness and friendliness as well as your interest in your personal development and professional excellence.

What are your red flags?

We don’t have any red flags, but we do have experience of why things didn’t work out in the team. We want you to feel comfortable and stay on board for a long time. We are a small team in which everyone gives their best. Just as you rely on us, we rely on you. You don’t have to be able to do or know everything, but you need to be able to realistically assess your current strengths and weaknesses and how you can develop further. You organise yourself well and know when you need support. After the onboarding phase, you should be able to manage your topics independently and know when help is needed or relevant information needs to be shared.