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Our mission & vision

Our Mission

Betterspace GmbH


… you arrive at the office or at work in the morning and everything is already prepared for you: The light gently adjusts to your preferences, the temperature is comfortable, and your tech devices are ready to help you with your work. This is exactly what we strive for – working environments that intelligently adapt to you and increase your efficiency. The technology we develop optimises energy consumption, regulates the temperature, improves communication and much more – all to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. This is the only way people can realise their full potential and be creative. This in turn increases productivity and helps our customers achieve their goals.

We encourage people to …

…. to be more productive and feel good by transforming buildings into sustainable, smart and connected spaces. That’s not just a phrase, it’s our guide and our goal. We want to help people work more efficiently and feel good all round. How do we do that? By transforming buildings into something special – into sustainable, smart and interconnected places. Communication plays a crucial role in the smart building sector, as it forms the basis for the efficiency and smooth functioning of these intelligent buildings. Important aspects in which communication plays a key role are the networking of devices and systems, data exchange and data analysis, remote monitoring and control as well as user interaction.

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We at Betterspace…

… are working together to create a better future – for the environment, for people and for ourselves. With our expertise, commitment and determination, we will transform buildings into places that are not only sustainable and smart, but that inspire and support people. We are committed to the sustainable use of buildings through efficient and intelligent software that offers users the greatest possible comfort, reduces energy consumption and thus costs and CO² emissions. In this way, we are making a major and important contribution to climate protection.

Our vision

Betterspace team

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We believe …

…that intelligent and connected buildings form the basis for sustainable and productive business. Our innovative energy management software transforms buildings into vibrant, connected and intelligent places. Our goal is to enable people in hotels, schools, offices and other facilities to work, live and learn in energy-efficient and connected buildings. We understand that intelligent energy management solutions need to make both environmental and economic sense, striving for a balance between efficiency and well-being. Each of us plays a vital role in our journey towards a sustainable future, using our talents, ideas and passions to realise the vision of smart buildings that make the world accessible to all, combining productivity, comfort and sustainability.