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Hoteltechreport Finalist 2022 energy management

Save energy without your guests having to sacrifice comfort

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This is how you easily reduce energy costs in your hotel

Do you have your energy consumption under control? Or do you get upset every year because of rising electricity prices and increased consumption? With the intelligent software, you can perfect the energy management in your hotel sustainably. Automated processes relieve your staff in the hotel, while also protecting the environment and reducing costs. Discover the benefits of this unique software developed specifically for hotels now.

Reduce energy costs

Optimize processes

Sustainable and climate positive image

Relieve employees

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduce energy consumption

Increase guest satisfaction

More security and control


Our smart and intelligent solution supports you

You would like to improve your energy efficiency sustainably and reduce operating costs? With better.enerygy you have the perfect software for various areas of application, specially developed for use in hotels. State-of-the-art wireless technology combined with unique hardware ensure easy installation and commissioning in your hotel.

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Intelligent room control

Automatically reduce costs and increase comfort

Unnoticed heating with open windows? The heater running at full blast in an unoccupied room? Put an end to it! regulates the temperature in your hotel independent of personnel, taking into account the current occupancy. The intelligent room control system helps you operate energy efficiently while also relieving your hotel staff.

Make your hotel future-proof. Offer your guests a hotel experience tailored to their wishes and increase guest comfort. With, you establish a new and modern standard in hotels that increases guest comfort and satisfaction.

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Smart Building for hotels

The intelligent way to a smart hotel

Smart home also makes your life as hotelier easier. It makes your hotel smart, comfortable, safe, intelligent and energy efficient. Turn the stay into a real experience for your guests and highlight the innovative, green and service oriented character of your hotel.

Smart Home Systems help hotels to simplify their everyday life. They automate processes and lower the operating costs in the hotel, increase energy efficiency, protect your wallet, relieve the environment and eventually push sustainability. The more important it is that you as a hotelier are getting familiar with the topic and pay more attention to the energy balance of your hotel.

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More energy efficiency for a green future

As a hotelier you take the ecological and social responsibility for your hotel. In a time where sustainability and environmental protection are more than just a trend, it is important to not only keep your revenue in mind. You should also take your ecological footprint into account when you act. With we help you do that! Prepare yourself and join us for a green future!

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“Saving money and protecting nature at the same time. That is an extremely positive balance for me, the hotel, the guests and the environment.”

– Ben Förtsch, General Manager Creativhotel Luise

“With the occupancy-dependent heating control, we have a great energy management solution that helps us save energy costs, which is more important than ever in today’s time.”

– Matthias Hirsch, Owner Hotel Merkur Baden-Baden


One solution, countless possibilities

With the intelligent energy management tool better energy, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Discover now how the intelligent room control makes your daily work in the hotel easier. Increase the energy efficiency of your hotel with the intelligent algorithms and promote sustainability with the intelligent software for optimal energy management.

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