How municipal utilities and energy suppliers benefit from the LoRaWAN use case

Fan coil mit thermostat im büro

Intelligent energy management

Earning money with energy efficiency is easy with us

Municipal utilities and energy suppliers are facing the major challenge of mastering the energy transition and are confronted with climate protection and the demand for greater energy efficiency. If everyone saves electricity and energy, a significant source of income is lost, which reduces the profitability of municipal utilities and energy suppliers. With the LoRaWAN-based intelligent room control system, we offer municipal utilities and energy suppliers a smart use case for generating revenue with greater energy efficiency by providing a LoRaWAN network.


A flexible solution for different customers

Regardless of whether you are responsible for the operation of educational institutions such as schools or your customers are operators of clinics, care facilities, town halls or office buildings – the more diverse the needs, the more you need an energy management solution that is flexible, scalable and future-proof – combines all this and more! The intelligent radiator and fan coil control system has been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 31 per cent and environmentally harmfulCO2 emissions by the same amount. Without expensive conversion measures, manages to increase energy efficiency in buildings and sustainably reduce costs. Together, we will find the best way for you and your customers to turn simple buildings into efficient smart buildings.

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Intelligent algorithms

Energy-efficient buildings with occupancy-dependent energy management

Flexible adaptation of the room temperature to fluctuations in occupancy often creates energy-related challenges in buildings. Precise and efficient adjustment of the room temperature will be possible in future thanks to intelligent control algorithms from, such as occupancy-dependent heating, cooling and ventilation. Room occupancy can be added to the smart energy management system and managed with just a few clicks via web access. The occupancy-based control system automatically knows when to heat or cool offices, classrooms or event rooms and when to keep them at an energy-efficient level. See for yourself now.