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Guests value the authenticity and personality of their hosts. This is why it is important for the hotel industry to focus hotel marketing on personalised experiences. This could be a dumpling workshop with the chef, a meditation/yoga session with Anna, a picnic under the stars or a herbal massage with Helga. The more personalised the experience, the better. Marketing plays a decisive role here and this is where Giggle.Tips can help you.

Giggle.Tips puts your experiences and employees in the foreground. It not only makes your experiences bookable and enquirable, but also shares your activities, guest services and regional highlights fully automatically across all guest communication.

As an experience channel manager, it helps you do this:

● Be found via your experiences on Google

● Increase the visibility of guest offers by a factor of 10

● double the revenue potential via experiences

● increase the length of stay on your website

● recognise what your guests really want through statistics

● save time in experience management

● and convince the right guests of your offer

You too can become an “experience host” and easily communicate the personal benefits of your hotel to your guests via all important channels:

1. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, …)

2. Google SEO & Google Places

3. Website

4. E-mail / correspondence | newsletter

5. On site – guest information/digital guest directory

6. Platforms (hiking hotels, mountain bike hotels, …)

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