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Inspire with a green and sustainable image

Energy efficiency

Smart solution for a green future

Do something good for the environment. It’s easy with the smart software Improve energy efficiency in your non-residential building, whether it’s a hospital, hotel or educational establishment, and automatically ensure the sustainable use of resources.


Digital solution for more sustainability in buildings

Sustainability doesn’t just mean using renewable resources responsibly. Sustainability also refers to social and economic responsibility. This means treating fellow human beings fairly and acting as a company in a long-term and economical manner. These three areas are the pillars of sustainability. We understand that this may sound time-consuming and cost-intensive at first. Our innovative solutions show you that sustainability and environmental protection don’t have to be.

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View of a modern hotel with lots of plants

Sustainable building

Cutting costs made easy

Environmental protection and a commitment to greater sustainability in all sectors is associated with enormous savings potential. This applies to schools, public administration buildings, care facilities and other non-residential buildings. Energy-saving and cost-cutting measures are becoming increasingly important worldwide due to the rising demand for energy and the resulting increase in energy prices.

Room control

It’s so easy to reduce your energy consumption

Our smart room control system controls radiators and fan coils independently of staff. The software connected to the Property Management System or other occupancy management software ensures that only occupied rooms are heated. The remaining rooms are kept at an efficient level. The intelligent room control system also recognises open windows. The software adjusts the heating behaviour accordingly.

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Efficient staff deployment ensures sustainability

Staff shortages are a well-known problem that particularly affects sectors such as the hotel and care industry. Create an improved working environment with the help of Betterspace’s digital solutions and relieve your employees. The intelligent room control system controls heating and cooling independently of staff. When your employees are relieved, they have more time to concentrate on the important things.


The constantly growing engine for more sustainability

Digitalisation and sustainability are the megatrends of our time. Digitalisation, or so it seems, is overtaking sustainability. After all, digitalisation requires a lot of raw materials and resources. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The odd couple are not in competition, but rather build on each other.

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Betterspace makes your day-to-day work more sustainable and easier all round

Environmental protection should also be close to your heart. Start by making your company and your image greener. Betterspace’s digital solutions for all types of residential buildings provide you with a variety of ways to realise these goals. The smart solutions are a good way to promote sustainability and environmental protection in buildings. Of course, there are many other ways in which you can go green. No matter which methods you choose, it is important to start with sustainable and environmentally conscious behaviour – regardless of whether it is a hospital, a university, an office or a town hall.