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Inspire your hotel guests with your green image

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Energy efficiency

Smart solutions for a green future

Do something good for the environment. With the smart software it is very easy. Improve the energy efficiency of your hotel and ensure the sustainable use of resources.

Save up to 31% of energy

Reduce CO2 emissions

Sustainable & green image


Digital solutions for more sustainability in the hotel

Sustainability in the hotel not only means to use renewable resources responsibly. Sustainability also refers to social and ecological responsibility. That includes a fair treatment of all people and as a hotel to act on a long-term and economical basis. These three areas are the pillars of sustainability. We understand, that this sounds time and cost intensive for hoteliers in the beginning. Our innovative solutions show that sustainability and environmental protection in the hotel do not need to be like that.

The topic of sustainability has not only been a highly discussed issue in the hotel industry since this year. Next to the digitization, this topic concerns hoteliers immensely, not only because more and more guests attach great importance to a positive ecological balance of hotels. In addition, guests pay attention to a green image of hotels as well as quality seals that certify and confirm the sustainability of the hotel.

Environmental protection

Help the planet – do something good for nature

As a hotelier you are dependent on your surroundings and an intact environment. Therefore, keep the environmental impact of hotel operations as low as possible. Results of climate change, such as flooding and extreme weather, have serious consequences for hotels and threaten their existence. Therefore, it is in your interest to take measures like implementing the intelligent room control to protect the environment and the climate and thus secure your own future opportunities.

Sustainability in the hotel

Cutting costs made easy

Besides the changed needs of holiday and business guests and the associated changing demands on hotels, other factors play a major role in the sustainability debate. Environmental protection in the hotel and the engagement for more sustainability in the hotel industry is connected to an enormous potential for savings in the hotel. Energy-saving and cost-cutting steps are becoming increasingly important worldwide due to the increasing demand for energy and the resulting rising energy prices.

In comparison to other industry sectors, the share of energy costs in the hotel is with about five to eight percent of turnover very high. In combination with the rising energy prices, the energy costs in the hotel are a strong cost driver. Thanks to a rising energy efficiency in your hotel, you can lower the costs. That has a positive impact on the operational results. With you not only reduce your energy costs but also the polluting CO2 emissions.

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Room control

How to reduce energy consumption in your hotel

Our smart room control not only regulates heating in the hotel independent of personnel. The software in combination with the PMS ensures that solely occupied rooms are heated. The remaining rooms are kept at an efficient level. Moreover, the intelligent software recognizes open windows. The software then adjusts the heating behavior.

The intelligent room control reduces the hotel’s energy consumption by up to 31 %. That preserves the environment and resources. With, hoteliers have a detailed view of energy consumption and receive warning messages about unusual consumption. Saving energy could not be easier.

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“Saving money and protecting nature at the same time. That is an extremely positive balance for me, the hotel, the guests and the environment.”Ben Förtsch, General Manager Creativhotel Luise


Efficient deployment leads to sustainability in the hotel

A shortage of staff is a common problem that the hotel industry is suffering from. Use the digital solutions from Betterspace to create an improved work environment and relieve your employees. The intelligent room control regulates the temperature in the hotel rooms independent of personnel. Once your employees are relieved, they have more time to focus on the needs of your guests.

A positive and environmentally friendly image of your hotel is also important to your employees. The eco-political commitment of your hotel, for example by using Smart Hotel Systems, brings enormous benefits. In the end, the image of your hotel determines whether potential employees apply for a job and whether they remain loyal to your hotel. This way you counteract the prevailing high fluctuation and the shortage of skilled workers as well as the associated high personnel costs.

Environmental protection and sustainability

That’s how much your sustainable actions influence your image

By marketing the ecological measures that your hotel takes, you achieve further advantages for your hotel. Communicate the use of Smart Home Systems and the associated improvement of your energy balance to position yourself in an eco-friendly way and improve your image. That leads to advantages over your competitors, since most guests pay attention to sustainability of the hotel when choosing the hotel.

The awareness of climate protection and eco friendliness of hotel guests grows constantly and therefore the demand for sustainable hotels increases. On the long run, it will be hard for not environmentally oriented hotels to survive on the market. Use this insight for your hotel and the image of your hotel to stay competitive.


The engine for sustainability in the hotel

Digitization and sustainability are the megatrends of our time. Digitization, so it seems, overcomes sustainability. After all, digitization requires a lot of raw materials and resources. But that is not necessary. The unequal pair is not in competition, but rather build on each other.

When done right, there even is an enormous potential for savings thanks to digitization, and of course for hotels, too. The word “sustainovation” becomes a keyword in this context and describes the symbiosis between digitization and sustainability. Digital innovations lead to real savings in the hotel and to more ecological, economical as well as social sustainability.

Digitization and exciting innovations provide a lot of potential to push sustainability in the hotel and to be up-to-date at the same time. Fear of technology is out of place here. The modern assistants and software solutions convince with their simple application, a simple integration in the existing infrastructure and their adaption to the needs of hoteliers and hotel guests.


Betterspace makes your everyday life in the hotel more sustainable and all around easier

Environmental protection should not only be important to your guests, but also to you. Start by making your hotel and your image greener. The digital solutions for the hotel industry by Betterspace provide various options to reach these goals. The smart solutions are a good approach to promote sustainability and environmental protection in the hotel. Of course you have many more options to act „green“ at your hotel. No matter which method you choose, it is important to start with sustainable and eco-friendly behavior in the hotel now.