Reduce your energy consumption in your offices quickly and easily

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Occupancy dependent

Energy-efficient offices with flexible working hours and working from home

Are your office energy costs skyrocketing despite flexible working hours and employees working from home? That doesn’t have to be the case anymore! With the intelligent energy management solution, you can transform your office building into a smart building. With, you can easily and smartly adapt the room climate to the respective occupancy. The occupancy-dependent control system automatically knows when it needs to heat the room. This not only saves you energy, but also money.

Room sizes

Reduce energy consumption by up to 31 per cent

Different room sizes in your office building have different requirements for the room climate. Maintaining an even temperature without unnecessarily increasing energy consumption is a particular challenge. Customised temperature control options in your office are therefore essential. With the energy management solution and its intelligent algorithms, you can efficiently heat your rooms of different sizes without any effort. Thanks to the predefined temperature limits or window open detection, it is easy to reduce energy consumption by up to 31 per cent and CO2 emissions in your office building by the same amount.

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Don’t waste energy on non-working days

Employees often forget to turn down the heating in the office in anticipation of the upcoming weekend on Friday afternoons. There is enormous savings potential lurking in your office building here., together with the online platform better.core, helps you to only heat on selected days of the week. If the offices are not in use, such as at the weekend, keeps the temperature at an efficient level so that the rooms do not cool down. You can see the current temperatures in all rooms, active control sets that control your radiators and the activities of the radiator controls in the respective rooms. Discover your savings potential now with!