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The guest directory as a marketing tool: Proactively increase guest loyalty in your hotel


How to show your hotel at its best

Perfect your guest communication before, during and after their stay at the hotel with better.guest. Take your service to a new level with the software solution and relieve your employees at the same time with the digital guest directory for your hotel. Discover the benefits of the digital guest directory now and experience how easy digitalisation can be.

Guest interests

What your guests want..

With the innovative digital guest directories, you will be able to see what your guests are really interested in and what they like at the click of a button. The backend of better.guest always shows you up-to-date statistics on the use of the in-room tablet and hotel app. The backend gives you precise information about which categories your guests prefer and which content and features are often used and clicked on.

In-Room Tablet mit Gästemappe
Hotelier schaut sich am Laptop das Backend der digitalen Gästemappe an

User analysis

…and how you can use it to increase your revenue

Analysing usage provides you with important information. This allows you to adapt the content of your digital guest directory perfectly to the needs of your guests. Make use of this! Expand these categories with new content. This leads to increasing usage rates of the digital guest directory, even more satisfied guests and ultimately more revenue. Utilise the possibilities of better.guest and provide your guests with exactly the offers and information they really need.

Corporate Design

Designed for your hotel

The digital guest directory fits seamlessly into your hotel design. After all, the digital guest directory represents your company just as much as your employees. That’s why it’s important to adapt the design of better.guest to your individual corporate design. After all, the corporate design reflects the personality of your hotel and ensures that your guests quickly recognise it.

Hotelzimmer mit Bett und Nachttisch auf dem die digitale Gästemappe auf dem Tablet steht

You create a visible connection between your hotel and the smart guest directory for your guests. This creates trust and is reflected in increased customer loyalty. It also gives you a uniform appearance and a coherent brand concept. The digital guest directory also adapts to your guests in terms of content and appearance. Business guests can see the conference information on the start screen and can view and split their invoices directly. Leisure guests see the wellness offer and receive recommendations for excursion destinations.

  • Adapted to the corporate design
  • Standardised appearance
  • Increased recognition value
  • Coherent brand concept


Connect with relevant hotel systems for greater customer loyalty

Your new digital guest directory can be easily connected to your PMS system and other relevant hospitality providers via an interface. This means less work for you and more time for your guests.

  • PMS software
  • POS systems
  • Operations & communication software
  • Reservation systems
  • Rating platform
  • Baby monitor
Gast betritt Hotelzimmer und die digitale Gästemappe auf dem Tablet zeigt personalisierte Willkommensnachricht an

In the future, you will welcome your guests with a personalised message in their hotel room. Send a short message to your guests via push notification and give them a warm welcome to your hotel. Use this message to recommend current offers or point out the special features of your hotel. This creates trust and also strengthens customer loyalty. The interface provides your digital guest directory with all relevant data such as name, arrival and departure date, so that you can address your guests in a personalised way without any problems.

In-Room Tablet mit Grußkarten Screen

Greeting cards

Effective target group marketing in the hotel

Your guests can share a picture of your hotel with nice greetings to friends and family with a click via the digital guest directory. Your guests send the greeting cards by email to people at home or share them via social networks such as Facebook and X. This allows guests to promote your hotel directly to your target group. After all, your guests and their families and friends have similar interests.

The greeting card feature helps you to perfect your target group-specific marketing. Addressing potential customers directly could hardly be easier. Your guests can send holiday greetings to those at home at the touch of a button. Guests also recommend your hotel at the same time. This creates trust and attracts more attention.

Frau hält digitale Gästemappe auf dem Tablet und wählt eine digitale Grußkarte aus

More about greeting cards

More presence for your hotel website

Thanks to the greeting cards, you will receive valuable backlinks for your website as soon as guests share the greeting cards on social networks. Search engines use backlinks, their number and nature, to measure the relevance of the link and your website. The greeting cards sent via digital guest directory will positively influence and improve the ranking of your website.

The only thing you need to do at this point is to provide your guests with various appealing greeting card motifs. For example, pictures of your house that are adapted to the prevailing season are suitable for this. Your guests will do the rest for you. Without much effort, you can achieve a better web presence and increase your potential customer base with the help of the digital guest directory.

Green image

For more sustainability in the hotel

Your hotel guests are becoming increasingly aware of environmental protection and sustainability. Use better.guest to give your hotel a decisive competitive edge and improve your image.

  • Stop wasting paper
  • Increase environmental awareness
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Use less cleaning agents
Gast hält In-Room Tablet mit digitaler Gästemappe auf der die Green Option abgebildet ist

Give your hotel a sustainable and green image. With the help of better.guest and our Green Option, the “Cancel room cleaning” feature, you not only conserve resources, but also protect the environment and create a green, sustainable image. By cancelling room cleaning, you save water and cleaning agents. This reduces the burden on the environment and promotes climate protection.

Start making your hotel and your image greener. Betterspace’s digital solutions for the hotel industry provide you with a wide range of options for realising these goals.

Smartphone & In-Room Tablet mir Gästemappe


Show your guests that you weren’t born yesterday

It will be impossible to imagine hotels without digital guest directories in the future. Don’t wait for innovation to become standard, experience now how advanced digital guest directories can have a positive impact on your image.

Position yourself as a modern and future-proof hotel with your smart guest directory. Offer your guests a completely new experience and turn their stay into a unique experience.