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Oracle Hospitality has more than 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry providing technology solutions for hotels of all types and sizes, from family-run businesses to international hotel chains. Oracle offers hardware and software solutions that enable hoteliers to create personalised guest experiences, maximise profitability and build guest loyalty.

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management is a modern cloud-based and mobile-enabled PMS system. It is one of the leading enterprise solutions for the hotel industry and impresses with its intuitive user interface and numerous functions for all areas of hotel management.

Interface type: FIAS, SOAP

Compatible solutions: better.guest,

With Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Property, all hotel processes can be managed in one software solution. From reservations to housekeeping, marketing and restaurant, the software supports all areas of the hotel.

Interface type: FIAS, FILE, XML

Compatible solutions: better.guest,