Increasing comfort in schools and educational institutions

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Occupancy dependent

Smart energy saving during school and lecture-free periods

Let automatically turn down your heating on school and lecture-free days in an energy-efficient and staff-independent way. You can add and manage room occupancy with just a few clicks via the backend of the smart energy management solution. The occupancy-dependent control system automatically knows when to heat the classroom or lecture theatre and when to keep it at an energy-efficient level. This means that no unnecessary energy is wasted in the school, even during the holiday period.


Keep unused rooms at an energy-efficient level

Countless rooms such as libraries, computer rooms, laboratories or music rooms are only used at irregular intervals in schools and universities. Not heating them would make little sense from an energy point of view. To prevent the rooms from cooling down or overheating, keeps them at an energy-efficient level. You can easily predefine these temperature limits. Manually checking the radiator thermostats in little-used rooms is finally a thing of the past.

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Intelligent algorithms

Careless heating behaviour is automatically corrected

Scenarios in the classroom such as fiddling with the heating thermostat or opening the windows with the heating fully turned up are not uncommon. Energy is literally thrown out of the window due to careless heating behaviour in the classroom. The radiator control system counteracts this thanks to its intelligent control algorithms. Room users can set their own comfort temperatures at any time using the thermostats, but only within your defined upper and lower temperature limits. In addition, recognises the drop in temperature when a window in the room is opened and reduces the temperature. This ensures that the rooms are heated in an energy-efficient manner.