Hotelzimmer mit Bett und Nachttisch auf dem die digitale Gästemappe auf dem Tablet steht


Accelerates and automates many processes for the optimal guest experience


Simplify your processes in all areas of the hotel

Optimise complex and time-consuming processes in your hotel and expand your service digitally. Discover your possibilities with better.guest.

  • Simplify ordering processes in the hotel with the booking assistant
  • Your guests quickly and easily add the items they want to buy to their shopping cart
  • Improved internal communication thanks to the status manager
  • Convenient invoice view helps your guests to keep track
  • Perfect communication not only for your guests, but also for your staff. Adjust information in real time in your hotels at the same time thanks to hotel chain control


Simply order and reserve digitally

Your guests can easily order room service or book a spa appointment using the digital guest directory. The order lands automatically in the kitchen or wellness area, which minimises the risk of errors in the ordering process. Booking hotel services couldn’t be quicker or easier. The best thing about it is that you also take the pressure off your staff and increase guest satisfaction.

Hotel guest orders room service via digital guest directory
Smiling staff at the hotel reception is happy about optimised processes

Status Manager

The digital guest directory connects your staff

As a hotelier, you know that all employees act as a team to the outside world. However, sometimes there are difficulties with internal communication between reception, housekeeping, service and kitchen. Use the digital guest directory to connect your departments with each other – Service Mode makes it possible.

  • Forwards information to the right departments
  • Employees are always up-to-date
  • Avoid sources of error in communication
  • Improve the flow of information internally

Service Mode

Your employees always know what’s going on

Another typical situation in a hotel is guests arriving too early. In this case, your front office team always has an overview with the Status Manager. The chambermaids use the digital guest directory to report each room clean immediately after cleaning and checking. Your front office team can see the status of the room and the tablet on the PC at the reception desk.

Your cleaning staff can also use the digital guest directory to report a defect in the room to facility management. The smart hotel information folder therefore streamlines the workflow of your departments, saves unnecessary travel and significantly improves communication between them.

Happy hotel manager with tablet and cleaning chambermaid in the hotel room
Guest enters hotel room and the digital guest folder on the tablet displays a personalised welcome message

More information

Relieve staff without offending guests

Your reception staff in particular are often confronted with recurring questions. When is breakfast served? How long is the spa area open? What can you do nearby? You are certainly no stranger to these questions. As long as it’s not 5 p.m. and lots of stressed business travellers are checking into the hotel at the same time, this is certainly not a problem. But what if there’s already a queue at the counter?

It’s quite simple:

Refer to your innovative and smart guest directories right at check-in. They anticipate the recurring questions and always provide your guests with the latest information.

Content Management System

Unbeatable handling thanks to intuitive administration

You can of course change the content of better.guest yourself at any time. You can change all information on all devices at the touch of a button. Whether it’s an in-room tablet or your guests’ smartphone. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a technical genius to do this. Offers and content can be easily entered and changed from anywhere using the intuitive CMS system. The only thing you need is a PC with internet access.

  • Detailed training with our experts
  • Personal contact for all questions
  • Intuitive backend for the entire better.guest system
  • Overview of your guest directory, statistics and reports
Guest holds in-room tablet with digital guest directory and sharemagazines

Lean hotel processes

Less work, more pleasure

Your chambermaids and room boys will love the digital guest directory. Changing TV programme guides every Friday, checking the analogue room folders and replacing dirty ones will soon no longer be an issue for them. With a huge selection of integrated newspapers and magazines, your guests can also read their favourite magazines while on holiday. Your housekeeping will have more time to concentrate on cleaning the hotel room.

With digital guest directories, information material that repeatedly shows ugly signs of wear is a thing of the past. Of course, your cleaning staff won’t need to check that the smart room folders are complete in every room.

Digital guest directory on the in-room tablet with a stack of coins

Hotel chain management

Refinancing the digital guest directory

It has never been so easy to display the latest offers in all hotels in your hotel chain or cooperation in real time. From now on, better.guest will keep things organised. Thanks to the hotel chain control, it is possible to change and adapt the content on all digital guest directories at the same time. Of course, this is just as easy as updating the information on all smart room folders within a hotel.

This significantly reduces the workload for all employees and also cuts costs for printed materials. From now on, one employee will update better.guest centrally for all associated hotels or guest houses. This will significantly reduce the time required. Up-to-date information will reach your guests much faster in future.