Transform your hospital or care facility into an energy-efficient building

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Intelligent algorithms

Never throw money down the drain again

Say goodbye to manually checking your radiator thermostats. The fear that your patients or staff will forget to turn down the heating is also a thing of the past. With the smart room control system, you not only lower the energy costs in your clinic or care facility, but also reduce the effort involved. Thanks to intelligent control algorithms such as day and night setback, window open detection or temperature limits, it is possible to control the room temperature efficiently and automatically.

Room types

Greater energy efficiency with just a few clicks

Whether patient rooms, operating theatres, cafeterias or storage rooms – clinics and care facilities contain a wide variety of rooms, each with different room temperature requirements. The smart room control system together with the management platform better.core provides an overview and transparency. With just a few clicks, you can create and manage room types with individual temperatures. This ensures greater energy efficiency and cost savings in your hospital or care facility.

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The right room climate aids your patients’ recovery

The right room climate not only plays an important role in the healing process for your patients, but also in special rooms such as laboratories, ICU or in the OR. This is because regulatory requirements regarding the room climate must be met in these medical rooms. The smart radiator control system can help to implement these requirements simply and smartly in your clinic or care facility, without the need for expensive conversion work. The clever energy management system ensures greater comfort for your patients and reduces energy costs at the same time. Transform your hospital or care facility into an energy-efficient smart building today!