In-Room Tablet mit digitaler Gästemappe in Ladeschale


Powerful hardware paired with unique software

The comprehensive software of the digital guest directory better.guest needs impressive output media. We have opted for two. There is guaranteed to be the right one for every hotel.


The right touchpoints for your guest directory

The selected output media for better.guest are perfectly customised to your needs and those of your hotel guests. The digital guest directory accompanies your guests throughout the entire guest journey and offers valuable touchpoints with your hotel. With the elegant tablet for the hotel room and the web-based hotel app, we offer you various ways to present the digital guest directory to your guests throughout the entire guest journey.

Tablet with digital guest directory better.guest lies on the couch in the hotel room

In-room tablet

The guest directory on in-room tablets in your hotel room

With its timeless design, the in-room tablet fits perfectly into the design concept of your hotel. Whether you have modern rooms or romantic and playful hotel rooms, the tablet is a visual highlight for your guests.

High-quality display

Your content is prominently displayed on the 10.1″ display and your guests have the most important information clearly in view

Elegant design

The in-room tablets fit seamlessly into your hotel room and are a visual highlight in the design of your hotel.

The hardware for better.guest; In-room tablet with digital guest directory

Powerful tablet

The in-room tablets from Lenovo offer you long battery life paired with a powerful processor, perfect for chatting, gaming and telephony.

Optimum sound quality

The tablet has an integrated microphone and loudspeaker, making phone calls with your guests a great experience.

Hotel app

better.guest on your guests’ smartphone

Always in your pocket: the digital guest directory. With the web-based hotel app, you can reach your guests around the clock, even before and after their stay at the hotel. With the BYOD solution, your guests are always up-to-date.

Download-free app

The digital guest directory as a web app can be used by your hotel guests at any time on their own smartphone without the need for a download.

Intuitive operation

As the better.guest web app runs on your guests’ smartphones, your guests can use the app effortlessly – because they know their way around their smartphones.

Smartphone with digital guest directory

Hardware independence

The Betterspace hotel app runs on all of your guests’ smartphones, whether Android or Apple.

Reachable at any time

With your hotel app, you can easily reach your hotel guests at any time on their own smartphone.


Special experiences throughout the entire guest journey

With better.guest, you have the software for perfect guest communication. You decide which output medium for the digital guest directory suits your requirements and the wishes of your guests. Utilise the full potential of digital guest communication with the digital guest directory and combine the hardware options. Discover all the features of the digital guest directory now.