LoRaWAN Heizköper-Thermostat better.energy seitlich

Intelligent radiator control

Heat intelligently and save money at the same time

Up to 31 % energy savings

Save energy and heating costs with better.energy

Let better.energy automatically regulate your heating systems in non-residential buildings, whether hotels, hospitals or public administration buildings. The efficient control system ensures comfortable temperatures in occupied rooms and keeps empty rooms at an energy-efficient level.

Handwerker an Heizkörper tauscht das Thermostat aus


Surprisingly easy to integrate

The smart energy management solution better.energy is integrated without any structural measures. All you have to do is unscrew the old radiator thermostats and fit new wireless thermostats. Then switch on your new gateway and the thermostats and software will connect automatically. This creates a stable, reliable connection between the intelligent room control system and the wireless thermostats.


Only the best for you

Do you want to sustainably improve energy efficiency in your building and reduce operating costs? better.energy is the perfect software solution for various areas of application. State-of-the-art wireless technology combined with reliable hardware ensures simple installation and commissioning in your non-residential building, without any structural measures. Elegant wireless thermostats, gateways and window contacts make better.energy the perfect solution for many areas of application, such as office buildings, educational institutions, clinics and more.

Betterspace präsentiert better.energy LoRaWAN Funk-Thermostat für Heizkörper

Fan coils

Do you want to heat and cool automatically?

Radiator thermostats

Elegant wireless thermostats for efficient control

The smart wireless LoRaWAN radiator and wall thermostats are perfectly adapted for use in non-residential buildings, such as office buildings. The thermostats impress with their robustness and simple yet elegant design. You set the desired temperature by turning the outer ring. This is shown in degrees on the integrated numerical display on the front in real time.

Einzelnes better.energy Funk-Thermostat für Heizkörper

Radiator thermostat

Quick installation
The high-quality thermostats are easy to install without interfering with the heating system.

Timeless design
The thermostats fit seamlessly into any room and every room.

Robust design
The thermostats have no buttons or details that make it possible to adjust anything other than the temperature.

Everything at a glance
The set temperature is clearly shown on the numerical display on the front of the radio thermostat.

Wall thermostat

Simple installation
The wireless wall thermostats are simply attached to the wall.

The thermostat is powered by solar energy via a solar panel and can also be fitted with batteries.

Simple operation
The user can change the target temperature and view the current indoor conditions.

Everything at a glance
In addition to the current temperature, the wall thermostat also displays the humidity in the room.

Wand-Thermostat für better.energy


How to create secure connections

You need the LoRaWAN gateway to create a connection between the smart wireless thermostats and better.energy. The powerful device impresses with its reliable connectivity and is an important component in your LoRaWAN network.

better.energy LoRaWAN Gateway für Smart Building LoRaWAN Netzwerk


Simple integration
The gateway is quickly integrated into the network and ready for use.

Powerful hardware
The gateway offers high performance for fast data processing.

Long range
The connection to the gateway extends seamlessly over long distances, even indoors.

Many connections
The gateway can be connected to thousands of devices.


Heating is even more efficient

You can make your building even more efficient and intelligent with additional hardware such as wall sensors and window contacts. The wall sensors serve as temperature meters in the room. This gives you precise temperature data for your room. The window contacts tell the system in real time when a window is opened or closed so that better.energy can react immediately and adjust the heating output.

better.energy Wandsensor zur Ermittlung der Raumtemperatur

Wall sensor

Simple installation
The wall thermostats are simply attached to the wall, without cables.

The small and unobtrusive wall thermostat is suitable for all types of rooms.

Window contact

Quick mounting
No cables are required for simple attachment of the sensor.

Long battery life
The window contacts require very little energy, battery life is up to ten years.

better.energy Fensterkontakt im Einsatz bei geöffnetem Fenster