Fan Coil und Wandthermostat im Nichtwohngebäude

Intelligent fan coil control

More comfortable climate and save money at the same time

Save energy and improve the indoor climate

Reduce your energy costs with automatically regulates your fan coil units in non-residential buildings, whether hotels, hospitals or public administration buildings. The intelligent control system ensures comfortable temperatures and creates a productive working environment in occupied rooms. It keeps empty rooms at an energy-efficient level.

Elektriker handiert mit Kabeln aus der Wand für Fan Coil Wandthermostat Installation


Quickly retrofitted with little effort

Say goodbye to the idea of having to integrate cumbersome building management systems (BMS) to get your building up to scratch. The smart software and the fan coil thermostats are integrated into the building without any structural measures. All you have to do is replace your old fan coil thermostats with new LoRaWAN-enabled fan coil thermostats and install a new LoRaWAN gateway. The software automatically connects to the intelligent fan coil thermostats. Without any conversion, laying new cables or investing huge sums in BMS.


Your future becomes smart

Do you want to sustainably optimise energy consumption in your building and reduce your operating? is the ideal software for intelligent fan coil control. This includes reliable, solid hardware optimised for your non-residential building! The easy-to-use fan coil thermostats, robust gateways and minimalist window contacts make the perfect solution for hotels, clinics, office buildings, educational institutions, care homes and more.

Betterspace präsentiert Fan Coil Wandthermostat


Unleash the full potential and have your radiators controlled automatically too.

Fan coil thermostats

Powerful fan coil thermostats for greater efficiency

The solid LoRaWAN wireless fan coil thermostats are optimised for use in your building, such as clinics, hotels or office buildings. The intuitive operation and robust design speak for themselves and are perfect for use in any type of non-residential building. Only the wiring of the thermostats by a specialist is recommended. Fan Coil-Thermostat für die Wand

Fan coil thermostats

Intuitive operation
The unique fan coil thermostats have just a few self-explanatory buttons that make it easy to set the temperature, mode and speed of the fan coil.

High-quality design
The smart and elegant fan coil thermostats fit perfectly into any room concept.

Versatile in use
The high-quality fan coil thermostats are suitable for controlling two- and four-pipe systems and 3-speed or EC fan coils.

Everything always in view
The current mode, temperature and speed of the fan coil are shown clearly and easily understandable on the always-on display.


Stable connection thanks to LoRaWAN

To establish a connection between the software and the smart fan coil thermostats, you need a LoRaWAN gateway. As the basis of your LoRaWAN network, the gateway impresses with its high performance and reliable, stable connectivity.


Easily installed
The gateway is integrated into your network and ready to use in just a few simple steps.

Powerful hardware
The LoRaWAN gateway has high performance to transmit data reliably and securely.

Outstanding range
The gateway impreses with ranges of up to 500 metres, depending on the building structure.

Versatile in use
The LoRaWAN gateway can be connected to all LoRaWAN-capable devices. LoRaWAN Gateway für Smart Building LoRaWAN Netzwerk

Window contacts

Perfect indoor climate is even more economical

Window contacts help you to use your building even more energy efficiently. The smart LoRaWAN-enabled window sensors immediately recognise when a window is open or closed and report this to the intelligent software. The heating or cooling output is adjusted accordingly so that no unnecessary energy is wasted. Fensterkontakt im Einsatz bei geöffnetem Fenster

Window contact

Easy to install
No cables or tools are required to attach the sensor to the window.

Maximum battery life
Due to the minimal energy consumption of the window contacts, the battery lasts up to ten years.