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Our solutions are available in selected countries only! intelligent room control

Occupancy-dependent automatic systems for the perfect feel-good temperature

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Added value

Save on energy consumption, not on comfort

Reduce your operational costs and increase the comfort of your guests at the same time with the smart software The intelligent room control transforms your hotel room into a smart feel-good oasis and on top of that, it improves your energy efficiency.

Save up to 31% of energy

Reduce CO2 emissions

Personnel-independent control

No structual measures

Sustainable & green image

More safety and control

Increased guest satisfaction

PMS interfaces


Bring smart home to your hotel

Transform your hotel with the software for intelligent energy management into an efficient smart hotel. And do all of this without structural measures.

Room control

Intelligence pays off

The intelligent room control leads to more energy efficiency in your hotel and reduces your operating costs. Therefore, it does not matter what radiators you have in your hotel and hotel rooms. We also connect your underfloor and ceiling heating to our Smart Home System for your hotel.

Of course, you have an overview of all connected devices via web access. If there is unusual energy consumption, you will be informed via warning message automatically. Costly repairs will then directly be prevented. In addition, the smart room control will be connected to your PMS. The Smart Home System for the hotel regulates the temperature in the hotel rooms automatically, reliably and independent of personnel.

PMS Connection

Countless possibilities

Because of the connection to your hotel software, the room control knows the occupancy of your hotel. The Smart Home System always knows, if a hotel room is occupied or if the hotel room is free. Only occupied rooms will be heated.

Of course, your hotel rooms will not cool down in winter. You enter a moderate temperature for your unoccupied rooms in the system, for example 17°C. There is no need to turn off the heating completely, which would be disadvantageous from an energy perspective. You would need much more energy to reheat the hotel room. The efficiently lowered temperature in the unoccupied hotel room saves energy and money.

If your booking system shows the actual arrival of the guest, the room will be slightly preheated before check-in. In general, this is + 2° C. As soon as the check-in is actually executed and your PMS system reports that the hotel room is now occupied, the temperature increases to your pre-defined value. Thanks to the extra boost function, your radiators heat up the room in no time.


Incredibly easy and completely automatic

Without structural measures, we exchange your old thermostats on the heating system with new wireless thermostats. Via our server, the thermostats and the software connect automatically after switching on. This creates a stable and reliable connection between the intelligent room control and the wireless thermostats. With the help of a web access you can control your heating from everywhere.

  • No structural measures
  • Stable and reliable connection
  • Software and thermostats connect automatically
  • Easy control via web access

A permanent connection will be created, which guarantees secure data transfer to our Smart Home System and to your PMS system. The WiFi load on your hotel’s own network is minimal thanks to the use of the latest wireless technology. Figuratively speaking, the intelligent room control does not stress your WLAN more than a simple WhatsApp message.

Relieve employees

The smart room control regulates everything on its own

The Smart Home System for your hotel not only reduces your operating costs, it also reduces the effort for you and your staff. The intelligent room control regulates your heating completely automatically and independent of personnel. According to your wishes, you define the parameters like maximum temperature, offset and further adjustments. Depending on your criteria, the smart control regulates self-sufficient.

Let your guest set his feel-good temperature himself within predefined limits using the elegant wall thermostats. Thus, you make sure that the hotel rooms will not cool down.


More energy efficiency for a green future

As a hotelier you take on ecological and social responsibility for your hotel. In a time where sustainability and environmental protection are more than just a trend, it is important not only to have an overview of your revenue but also of your ecological footprint. We help you with that.

Sustainability and environmental protection can be so easy! Ensure more energy efficiency in the hotel with and relieve the environment. With the Smart Home System for your hotel, you reduce your energy consumption as if by itself. This means that less environmentally harmful CO2 emissions are emitted. Your environmental friendly and sustainable behavior meets enthusiasm among your guests and your (potential) employees.

Tipp: Connect the intelligent room control with better.guest, the software for perfect guest communication. Thus, your guests control the temperature intuitively and comfortably from their bed via the digital guest directory.

More about sustainability

“Save money and protect nature at the same time. That is an extremely positive balance for me, the hotel, the guests and the environment.”Ben Förtsch, General Manager Creativhotel Luise


One Solution, countless possibilities

No heating when windows are open, consideration of up-to-date weather forecasts and automated maintenance runs. With, you simplify your everyday work in the hotel and you provide incomparable guest comfort.

“The smart room control makes our life as hotelier easier and the guests happier.” Stefan Frankfurth, Owner Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe
“The system saved CO2 emissions and thus improved the environmental balance. That are exemplary and long-term successes – not just for the hotel.” Dr. Hans-Joachim Hook, General Manager Steigenberger Hotel Thüringer Hof Eisenach