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Our solutions are available in selected countries only! intelligent room control

Perfect feel-good temperatures and increasing energy costs in hotels

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Added value

Save on energy consumption, not on comfort

Reduce your hotel operating costs while increasing your guests’ comfort with the smart energy management software for hotels The intelligent room control transforms your hotel rooms into smart oases of well-being while reducing energy costs. The smart heating control also improves energy efficiency in the public areas of your hotel.

Save up to 31% energy

Reduce CO2 emissions

Personnel-independent control

No structual measures

Sustainable & green image

More security and control

Increased guest satisfaction

Interfaces to PMS software

PMS interface

Endless possibilities

The interface to your hotel PMS system makes unique. The intelligent solution is specially designed for use in hotels and adapted to the special features of hotels. The connection to your hotel software ensures that the room control knows your hotel’s occupancy. The Smart Home System always knows, which of your hotel rooms are occupied and which are vacant.

Advantages of the PMS interface:

  • Occupancy-dependent control of the heating in the hotel
  • No waste of energy in vacant rooms
  • More energy efficiency in occupied rooms
  • Intelligent pre-heating for arrivals
  • Automatic temperature adjustments for departures
  • No manual control of the thermostats needed
  • Precautionary pre-heating

The intelligent energy management solution only heats occupied rooms. Of course, other hotel rooms will not cool down in winter either. Simply enter a moderate temperature in the system for your vacant rooms, for example 17 °C. Turning off the heating completely would also be rather disadvantageous from an energy point of view. You will consume much more energy to then reheat the hotel room. Efficiently lowering the temperature in the hotel room when it is not occupied saves energy and money.

If your booking system indicates the actual arrival of your guests, the room will already be preheated at the specified check-in time. By default, this is +2°C. As soon as the check-in is actually completed and your PMS system reports that the hotel room is now occupied, the temperature increases to your predefined values. Thanks to the additional boost function, your radiators heat up the room in the shortest possible time.

Integration in hotels

Incredibly easy and completely automatic

The smart energy management solution is integrated into your hotel infrastructure without any structural measures. You only need to replace your old thermostats on the radiators with new wireless thermostats. The thermostats and the software automatically connect to each other via a gateway after switching on. This creates a stable and reliable connection between the intelligent room control and the wireless thermostats.

Of course, the thermostats and gateway are pre-configured and delivered turnkey. With the help of the web access, monitoring your radiators is possible from anywhere.

  • No structural measures
  • Stable and reliable connection
  • Software and thermostats connect automatically
  • Easy control via web access

A permanent connection will be created, which ensures secure data transmission to our smart home system and your PMS system. However, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art wireless technology, the WLAN load on your hotel’s network is minimal. Figuratively speaking, the intelligent room control system will not burden your WLAN more than a simple WhatsApp message.

State-of-the-art wireless technology

Greater range with less bandwidth

The intelligent energy management solution is based on the LoRaWAN wireless standard. LoRaWAN wireless technology offers numerous advantages over other wireless technologies. Benefit from increased security thanks to encrypted data transmission, long battery life, low susceptibility to interference, extremely long ranges and very good signal penetration within your hotel. In addition, you save a lot of cables and wiring effort during installation in the building. By operating in the ISM band, in the frequency range from 867 to 869 MHZ, the intelligent room control can be used without incurring license fees, completely independent of your hotel‘s WiFi and guest Internet. In addition, with the support of LTE, there are options to operate the intelligent room control completely independent of your hotel internet.

“The radio technology is simply forward-looking and also environmentally friendly. It has enabled us to save a great deal of copper and plastic cables. And we’re not just talking about a few meters here, but kilometers of cables and wiring that were saved by the intelligent system.”

– Jens Philipsenburg, Managing Director DQuadrat Living, Das Schlafwerk Stuttgart


Always have everything in view via web access

With the intelligent energy management solution, you always have an overview of your hotel’s energy consumption via web access. You can see which rooms are currently being heated, whether a window is open, what the heating profiles of the hotel rooms or public areas look like, and much more. Of course, you can also quickly and easily adjust pre-set temperatures via the backend and readjust the intelligent algorithms if necessary.

Relieve employees

The smart room control system handles everything automatically

The smart hotel system not only lowers your operating costs but also reduces the effort for you and your staff. The intelligent room control system regulates your heating completely automatically and independent of personnel. You define the parameters such as maximum temperature, offset, and other settings according to your wishes. The smart control regulates the radiators autonomously according to your criteria. Say goodbye to checking the thermostats on the radiators and discover your new freedom without fear of high energy costs.

Of course, your guests always have the option of setting their own comfortable temperatures with the elegant thermostats. Set temperature limits are always taken into account to ensure that the hotel rooms do not cool down or overheat uncomfortably.

Perfect combination

Connect & better.guest

Connect the intelligent room control with better.guest, the software for perfect guest communication. This allows your guests to control the temperature in their hotel room and bathroom conveniently and intuitively via the digital guest directory. And they can do so comfortably and relaxed from their bed. The digital guest directory thus becomes the control center for the hotel room for your guests. In addition, they will find numerous features and services on the smart in-room tablet that will make their stay in the hotel even better.


Smart Building for smart Hotels

Transform your hotel into an energy-efficient smart hotel with the software for intelligent energy management. And all this without any structural measures, using the latest technologies.

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More energy efficiency for a green future

Sustainability and environmental protection in hotels can be so easy! Ensure more energy efficiency in your hotel with and at the same time relieve the environment. You save energy costs and reduce harmful CO2 emissions to the same extent. In addition, you relieve your staff in terms of social sustainability. We are sure that your environmentally friendly and sustainable behavior will be met with enthusiasm by your guests as well as your employees.

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Intelligence that’s fun!

No heating with the window open and automated maintenance runs. With, you simplify your everyday work in the hotel and additionally provide incomparable guest comfort. Discover now what else the smart energy management system can do.

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“Das Manual checking and setting of the radiator thermostats is no longer necessary for our employees. Therefore, we no longer have to worry about this and at the same time we are certain that the rooms are no longer heated unnecessarily.”

– Thomas Bartmann, Hotel owner Landhotel Bartmann