Modernen freistehender Heizkörper mit LoRaWAN Funkthermostat


Efficient energy management with endless possibilities

This is what makes room control so special

Open window detection

Open windows are recognised and the heating or cooling output is automatically reduced.

Standard desired temperature

The temperature can be reset to the standard value at a specific time every day.

Mode settings

General settings are defined for all devices for self-defined time periods, e.g. summer and winter mode.

Rule-based control options

Temperature upper limits

The temperature cannot exceed a defined value. If a change is made to a temperature above the limit, it is automatically reset.

Lower temperature limits

The temperature cannot fall below a defined value. If there is a change to a temperature below the limit, it is automatically reset.

Daily reduction with optional offset

The temperature is lowered to a specific value within a defined period during the day or changed using an offset.

Night setback with optional offset

The temperature is lowered at night and raised again in the morning. This is done either by means of predefined temperatures or with a defined offset.

Occupancy-dependent heating and cooling

Occupancy schedule

Depending on the room occupancy, occupied rooms are heated or cooled accordingly, while vacant rooms are kept at an efficient temperature level.

Early check-in/check-out

The temperature is raised/lowered early after check-in or lowered early before check-out.

Real-time check-in/check-out

The actual arrival/departure is used for intelligent heating/cooling during check-in/check-out.

Unsafe pre-heating

The room is preheated for possible occupancy.

Overview, statistics & notifications


You always have an overview of your rooms and important information such as the active control sets and current temperature.


A clear dashboard gives you a direct overview of the most important information such as devices, battery status and activities..


For each room you will find a diagram that shows the activities in a certain period of time.


Receive direct e-mail notifications for certain events, for example when a device is offline or the battery status is low.