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Efficient energy management with endless possibilities

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That makes the intelligent room control so special

The intelligent Smart Home system leaves nothing to be desired. Discover the unique features of the intelligent room control that takes work off and simplifies your life as a hotelier. Increase the energy efficiency of your hotel and promote sustainability. Of course, you can decide for yourself whether you use all the available features or not.

Intelligent algorithms
30 minutes

The temperature in the bathroom is kept at the set temperature for 30 minutes and after that time lowered again to the pre-set limit.

Open window detection

Open windows are detected and the heating/cooling is automatically adjusted.

Heating profile

The temperature is regulated according to a pre-defined and fixed profile according to the time of day and night.

Light activation / deactivation

On the check-in day the light is switched on at a preset time and off on the check-out day at a predefined time.

Daytime reduction / daytime reduction with offset

During a predefined period at the day time the temperature is lowered to a certain level or changed by offset.

Night reduction / night reduction with offset

The temperature is lowered at night and raised again in the morning by setting either predefined temperatures or using a fixed offset.

Saving the desired temperature

If a room is defined as a bedroom or living room, the system remembers the temperature that the guest has set as the desired temperature.

Standard temperature

Every day at the pre-set check-in times the desired temperature is reset to the default value. This feature is especially interesting for hotels without PMS connection.

Upper and lower temperature limits

The desired temperature is maintained in an interval. If it is changed to a temperature outside the limits, it is automatically reset.

Pre-heating if occupancy is uncertain

The room is preheated for possible occupancy.

Weather forecasts

The smart home system takes weather forecasts into account. For example, if there is a risk of frost, valves are precautionary opened.

Detection of errors

The thermostats detect errors in the heating system. The thermostats then adjust the heat output and you will receive a notification.

PMS connectivity
Occupacy schedule

With a PMS connection, occupied rooms are recognized and heated/cooled according to the pre-set temperature. The temperature in empty rooms is lowered to an efficient pre-set.

Early check-in/check-out

The temperature is raised/lowered with a delay after check-in or lowered early before check-out.

Realtime check-in/check-out

The actual presence of the guest in the room when he is checked-in or checked-out will initiate the intelligent heating or cooling.

Warnings, maintenance & statistics
Manufacturer independent control

The intelligent room management system can be implemented in any hotel, no matter which kind of central heating you use.


The thermostats notice when consumption deviates from normal conditions and send warning messages.

Predictive maintenance

A weekly maintenance run checks the valves of your radiator. This will detect possible errors and help you to avoid costly repairs.

Individual energy reports

In combination with Monitoring, individual reports are created based on your current energy consumption.