hoxami Gutscheinhandel GmbH
Blumauerstraße 7
4020 Linz

Phone: +43 732 60 39 50
Mail: info@hoxami.com


hoxami.com turns empty capacity in the hotel industry into money – without changing the “normal” occupancy rate of the hotels – and thus generates real added value. Various expenses are financed – from renovations to monthly electricity bills, everything is possible. In return, rooms that would otherwise remain empty are marketed on a voucher basis. Voucher customers have no right to make appointments, book directly with the hotel and thus help to optimise occupancy.

hoxami.com finances practically any expense a hotel may have. Regardless of whether it is a one-off investment (e.g. renovation, new equipment or a new website) or monthly recurring expenses (e.g. for electricity, F&B and even interest on loans).

As one of the world’s largest marketers of tourism services on a voucher basis, hoxami.com works with more than 1,000 hotel partners. The vouchers are distributed via various online channels such as we-are.travel, limango, veepee, etc.

HERE you can find out more about hoxami.

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