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better.guest process optimization

Faster and automated processes for the optimal guest experience

Digital guest directory is the perfect booking tool


Simplify processes in all areas of the hotel

Optimize complex and time-consuming processes in your hotel and expand your service digitally. Discover your possibilities with better.guest.

Quick Check-In

Central CMS

Smart Check-Out

Door opening*

Easy management

Hotel chain management

Payment options


* coming soon

Content management system

Incredibly easy handling thanks to the intuitive administration

Of course, you can change the content of your digital guest directory better.guest at any time by yourself. At the push of a button, you change all information on all devices at the same time. No matter whether your guests are using the digital guest directory on an in-room tablet, TV or as an app on their own smartphone. Don’t worry, you do not have to be a technical genius. Offers and contents are easily added and changed with the intuitive CMS system. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet access.

  • Detailed training with our experts
  • Personal contact person for all questions
  • Intuitive back-end for the entire better.guest software
  • Overview of your guest directories, statistics and reports
Frau checkt mit smartphone digital im Hotel ein

More information

Relieve employees without offending your guests

Especially your reception staff is often confronted with recurring questions. When is breakfast served? How long is the spa area open? What can you do in the surrounding area? These questions are certainly not unfamiliar to you. It is certainly no problem, as long as it is not 5 p.m. and stressed business travelers check in at the hotel at the same time. But what if there is already a waiting line forming in front of the reception desk?

That is quite simple:
Make your guests aware of your innovative and smart guest directories at the check-in. You can avoid the recurring questions and always provide your guests with the latest information.

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Efficient hotel processes

Less work, more fun

Your housekeeping staff will love the digital guest directory better.guest. Exchanging TV programs every Friday, checking the analogue hotel room folders and replacing dirty ones will soon no longer be an issue for you. With a huge selection of integrated newspapers and magazines, your guests will read their favorite magazine even while on holiday.

Information material, which always shows unpleasant signs of wear, is a thing of the past with the digital guest directories. Of course, your housekeeping staff does not need to check the smart room folders for completeness in every room.

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Coming soon: Quick Check-In

Quicker check-in without paper chaos

The pre-filled registration form is automatically sent to the reception desk and your guests check in at the hotel with the digital guest directory. There is no faster and less complicated way to check in. The best thing about it is that you relieve your staff and increase guest satisfaction at the same time. We all know hotel guests are reluctant to wait at the reception desk or queue up.
The check-in feature is coming soon.

  • Less waiting times
  • Digital registration form included
  • Reduced administration effort
  • High security standards
Frau checkt mit smartphone digital im Hotel ein

Coming soon: Smart Check-out

Check-out without long waiting lines

Your guests have even more time pressure when checking out. Packing their bags last minute, waiting in line at the reception desk for the check-out – and missing the train. Your guests do not have to worry about that. From the comfort of their hotel room, your guests check out of the hotel themselves. Your reception desk is no longer overloaded during rush hours. Your employees have more time to take care of your guests. Annoyed, rushed guests and employees are never part of a pleasant experiences in the hotel.
The check-out feature is coming soon.

Coming soon: Payment

Process payments quickly and digitally

It is also possible to pay for the hotel stay and all booked hotel services via better.guest. Integrated in the digital guest directory are various payment options, adapted to your hotel. Your guest has round-the-clock access to his bills and can receive them by e-mail. Business guests can easily split the invoice of the business dinner via the digital guest directory. With better.guest you simplify and speed up the payment process in your hotel.

Coming soon: Door opening

„Open Sesame!“ – Without key, card or magic

Never again do you have to be concerned with lost room keys or key cards that no longer work because of a defective magnetic stripe. Your guests open the room doors of your hotel quite comfortably with their own smartphone. The integration of a digital key in your digital guest directory better.guest makes it possible.

Thanks to the smart key, the check-in process and the hotel stay can be digitized. The digital door opener is ideal for every hotel – for hotel chains as well as privately managed hotels. The key integrated in better.guest allows a much more comfortable arrival at the hotel. Your hotel guests can access the hotel and the hotel room safely and easily without a common room key or key card.
The smart key feature is coming soon.

Hotel chain management

Digital guest directory: And everything is updated at the touch of a button

It has never been easier to see and manage your latest offers in all hotels of your hotel chain or cooperation in real time. From now on, better.guest keeps things in order. Thanks to the hotel chain management it is possible to change and adjust the content on all digital guest folders at the same time. Of course, this works just as easily as updating the information on all smart room folders within one hotel.

This significantly reduces the workload for all employees and minimizes costs for printed information material. From now on, an employee updates better.guest centrally for all associated hotels or apartments. This can significantly reduce the time required. In the future, your guests get up-to-date information much faster.