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What Hotel Guests Want In The Digital Age – Part 3

The Needs Of Millennials And Generation Z

For hoteliers it is important to know your guest’s needs. Only the one who considers the individual needs of the target group, can stand out from the crowd and attract guest’s attention. We have talked about the different needs of business guests, families and baby boomers in hotels in our last two parts of this blog series. In our last post about the needs of hotel guests we will have a closer look on milennials and the Generation Z.

Digitization Changes Hotel Guest’s Needs

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are born between 1980 and 1999 and grew up with digitization, as well as the following Generation Z. That influence affects the needs of the target groups. In Germany, 99% of millennials and Generation Z are online and used to the Internet. In hotels, 89% wish for free Internet connection. A hotel without Internet access is quickly seen as backward and uninteresting. With fast Internet thanks to reliable hotspot solutions, like iQ WLAN, you can make your hotel attractive for millennials and the Generation Z.

What Do Millennials Want In Hotels?

Millennials account for 28% of hotel revenue worldwide. It is a generation that travels a lot and seizes, thanks to globalization, opportunities that older generations did not have. The needs of the millennials are very different from those of other target groups in the hotel. They want to experience things. Generation Y attaches little importance to prestige. Experiences and hotels should be individual and unique. Package tours are less popular with millennials – they lack individuality.

Guest books hotel stay online with tablet computer

Hotels Need To Be Online

The Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life for millennials. Millennials mainly get information about the holiday destination and the hotel online. During the actual preparation of the trip, 67% use the Internet to look for information. In addition, the majority of hotel bookings are made online. At 32%, they are the front-runners when it comes to bookings via Internet portals. According to the ADAC Reise-Monitor 2018, 25% book through travel agencies and 20% book directly through the accommodation provider.

Millennials Rely On Online Reviews

For 93% of the millennials photos of hotel rooms and for 88% guest reviews on the Internet are decisive factors when choosing a hotel. With digital guest directories, such as the iQ Tab, hotel guets can review your hotel during their stay and thanks to the connection to Customer Alliance the reviews are shared for optimized visibility on the Internet. In addition, the smart guest information book personally welcomes your guest in the hotel rooms and ensures individuality in the hotel. The guest feels welcome in the hotel immediately.

Young woman books on hotel bed with digital guest folder a massage for her self

Digital Service In Hotels

Millennials are more willing to pay extra for hotel services. 30% of hotel guests would pay more for wellness and spa services. Make your guests aware of your offers and faciliate the booking process. Digital guest directories, like the iQ Tab, are a perfect solution to present hotel offers in an interesting way. With the help from push messages you can attract your guest’s attention and highlight special offers. At the same time, the digital guest directory makes it easy for your guests to book these offers or make a reservation for a table in the hotel restaurant.

Environmental Protection In Hotels

Sustainablity and environmental protection play an important role for millennials. Combine environmental protection and digitalization to satisfy your guest’s needs. Leave it to your guests to cancel room cleaning via a digital guest directory in the hotel room. Give your guests the opportunity to charge their electric vehicle. For 21% of millennials an EV charger in the hotel is a must. E-charging stations, such as the iQ Charger, are specially adapted to the hotel industry and offer your hotel and guests the perfect charging solution. Reduce the energy consumption in your hotel with intelligent room control and show your guests how much your hotel cares about the environment and sustainability.

Laptop and smartphone with the smart hotel app from Betterspace

What Does The Generation Z Want In Hotels?

The needs of the so-called Generation Z are very similar to those of the millennials. As the successor of the Generation Y they are the next target group, a hotelier should have an eye on. You can reach the Generation Z online, especially via mobile. These days, 97% of teenagers own a smartphone. With your hotel’s own app, you can address the young generation. Apps, like the iQ App, which are available as web versions and therefore do not have to be downloaded, are particularly attractive.

Generation Z Is Indecisive

Just like millennials, the Generation Z values unique experiences and activities instead of prestige. Two out of three people do not know where to go, when they decide to travel. 77% say that during their travel planning they are open for inspiration and help. The hotel can help here in advance. With extensive information and offers for various activities in and around the hotel, you make the hotel choice easier. These can be found on the hotel website or in the hotel app.

Woman lying on hotel bed and uses social media with her smartphone

Social Media Influences Hotel Choice

Another place, where hotels can attract the attention of their potential guests are social media platforms. Searching for information is no longer limited to search engines like Google. 84% of the Generation Z states, that social media can influence their decision. Pictures and videos from experts and friends are decisive factors. Integrate social media into your hotel presence. With the digital guest directory guests can for example share greeting cards with friends in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How „Instagrammable“ Is Your Hotel?

Even YouTube videos can be watched with the smart guest information book. The video platform is particularly popular with younger hotel guests. Another popular network is Instagram. So that guests can post pretty pictures of their vacation, they chose the hotel based on how “instagrammable” it is. That is not only true for Generation Z. For 40% of the 18- to 33-year-olds this is a decisive factor – the tendency is rising. After all, the design and furnishing of the hotel counts, too.

Man makes selfie in the hotel room in the hotel


The needs of millennials and the Generation Z are strongly influenced by digitization. Without doubt, neither millennials nor Generation Z want to do without WiFi in hotels. Being online is an inherent part of everyday life, especially for younger generations, and they do not want to miss it during their vacation. Millennials and the Generation Z both use the Internet, social media in particular, to communicate with friends and family and share their experiences. Thus they create new places for hotels, where they can get in touch with guests in a targeted way.

How Different Are The Needs In Hotels?

Business guests need working spaces and places to relax, families want to spend time together without being stressed, baby boomers like it quiet and close to nature, while millennials and the Generation Z are looking for unique experiences, they can share with the world. It is simply impossible to meet the needs of every guest in the hotel. It is important to focus on specific groups of guests in order to offer them a hotel experience they will remember. Hoteliers have to kkep in mind that digitalization has an impact on guests’ needs. By now, there are various digital solutions that can assist hoteliers and increase guest satisfaction.


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