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The secret of the contactless service at the Grandhotel Lienz

A look into the Grandhotel Lienz

The direct contact between the hotel and the guests is reduced – and yet the visitors of the Grandhotel Lienz enjoy the maximum service on site. Through a digital helper in the hotel room, guests have unlimited access to a wide range of services and information. Every room of the 5-star hotel is equipped with the digital guest directory better.guest on an in-room tablet. Digitization has a high priority here, says Johannes Westreicher. He manages the Grandhotel Lienz in Tyrol, Austria, together with his niece Madeleine Simonitsch.

The family-run 5-star hotel offers its guests not only a handy tablet with a digital guest directory and a breathtaking view of East Tyrol and its scenery. In the hotel on the sunny side of the Alps, the hotelier family has the well-being of its guests at heart. This is reflected in the excellent service as well as the first-class equipment. With comfortably furnished rooms, free WiFi and charging stations for electric cars, the hotel makes sure that guests at the hotel have everything they need. In the star restaurant, hotel guests can enjoy culinary delights or relax in the award-winning wellness area. For active visitors, business travelers or health-conscious people, there is a lot to experience in the hotel and its surroundings.

The communication with hotel guests is contact-free

The guests of the Grandhotel Lienz are happy about the digital service in their hotel room. Because the exchange of information between guest and hotel works with the digital guest directories simply by pressing a button on the tablet. Guests of the 5-star hotel can find important information on the current situation and tips on hygienic behavior directly on the start screen. Whether via push messages or via the integrated chat with the reception, the digital guest directory offers various options to reach the guest in the Grandhotel personally and directly.

Guests will find all information and offers for the 1,400m² wellness oasis and the culinary offerings in the hotel clearly arranged. Recommendations for sights, leisure activities and events in Lienz and the surrounding area are provided by the Grandhotel Lienz with the digital guest directory. This means that hotel guests not only have a device for entertainment and information directly in their hotel room, but also a digital trip planner that is available around the clock.

Quicker, easier, digital: The service at the Grandhotel Lienz

Faster workflows, simplified processes and reduced costs were the decisive reasons for purchasing the smart guest directory on elegant tablets for the hotel room. Mr. Johannes Westreicher explains that the relief provided by the guest directories is clearly visible in the hotel. Especially the reception staff was relieved and the guests are of course enthusiastic about the simple and fast processes.

The digital guest directory better.guest manages, among other things, the processing of the room service orders here in the hotel. Guests find the extensive range of products clearly arranged on the tablet and order something from room service with a simple click. Guests can also use the tablet in their hotel room to easily book the next wellness appointment. Thanks to the digital guest directory, the room service orders and wellness sales have increased. In the course of time, the digital helpers refinance themselves and at the same time ensure that guests are happy.

The digital guest directory of the Grandhotel Lienz on an in-room tablet

The hygienic all-rounder in the hotel room: The In-Room Tablet

Hotel processes that have been accelerated and simplified with the help of the digital guest directory are currently paying off particularly well. For example, guests simply cancel room cleaning with one click on the digital guest directory if it is not needed. This not only relieves the staff, but also reduces the consumption of resources and avoids contact points between guests and hotel staff. Above all, the contactless aspect plays an important role in the hotel. Now not only the software is convincing, but also the tablet itself. Because the tablets are easy and quick to clean and disinfect.

The hotel has already had the best experience with the digital guest directory for the in-room tablets. But that’s not all: In the future, the telephone system and the heating system will also be controlled via the smart assistant. Step by step, the family is tackling digitization in the hotel. “The world is getting faster and more digital, so we have to adapt.” Mr. Johannes Westreicher advises his colleagues to start digitization in the hotel in any case. “Not everything has to be done immediately, but in small steps,” the hotelier explains.