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The Evolution Of The Digital Guest Directory: 7 New Features For The Wow-Effect in Hotels

From An Information Folder To The All-Rounder: More Digital Guest Experiences In Hotels

Originally, the idea behind the digital guest directory was to replace the unattractive and outdated analogue hotel information folders. Now, the smart Multitainment-Station iQ Tab shines in hotel rooms with many enhacements and new features. Thus, the guest experience is improved by the digital helpers and at the same time the service quality is increased. But what is new about the Multitainment-Station? What makes it so special? And which new features increase the revenue in hotels? These are exactly the topics we want to talk about in todays blog post.

The history of the smart hotel room folder iQ Tab

When the first digital guest directory conquered the hotel room in 2015, guests were not disappointed. The elegant tablet computer quickly found fans among hotel guests and hoteliers. How much potential really lies in the digital hotel information folder became apparent very quickly. Simplified and accelerated workflows in housekeeping – after all, the obsolete information folders no longer have to be exchanged – and relief in maintaining and updating content with the push of a button are only a few examples.

Gradually, further developments, such as a sophisticated ordering system, the integration of TV guides and magazines, and push messages for ringing cash registers at the hotels, all contributed to the success. The communication channel to the guests became more important and even provided more sustainability and a green image due to ingenious extras, such as the possibility to cancel the room cleaning with one simple touch.

The Evolution of the Digital Guest Directory on a timetline

More functions and easy use

Thanks to the easy handling and the need for digitization in hotels, more and more guests are happy about the little helper. Now, new developments provide even more entertainment, information and comfort in the hotel room. Our iQ Tab is now much more than just a guest information folder, communication and information channel. Thanks to voice control, remote control feature, room control and much more, the guest directory has become a real multitainment station in the hotel room. No guest who ever holds a smart tablet with this overwhelming variety of functions in his hand will want to have his telephone, remote control and analogue room folder back.

1. Voice Control – Quick, intuitive and barrier-free

“Alexa, when’s breakfast?” From now on, hotel guests interact with the multitainment station via voice commands. By integrating the voice assistant into the digital guest directory, hoteliers don’t have to worry about stolen smart speakers. Also the data security does not come too short: Guests have to start the Alexa Skill actively. “Betterspace is the first and currently the only provider to promote voice control for hotels and offer me a solution,” says Dirk Klein, CDO GreenLine Hotel Haffhus. There, Alexa is already in use as part of a pilot project and chatting with guests.

Hotelgast talks to voice assistant alexa via digital guest directory in the hotel room

2. Chatbot – Your new employee in the hotel room

If answering frequently asked questions costs your hotel staff a lot of time, the chatbot is the perfect solution. In real time, questions about opening hours of the wellness area, specialities in the restaurant or the best excursion destinations in the region are patiently answered again and again by the chatbot. Meanwhile, the staff can take care of the individual wishes of your guests. If the chatbot has no answer to a question, it is automatically forwarded to the staff member at the front desk. This guarantees, that every question receives an answer.

3. TV Control – The guest directory becomes a remote control

The remote control is one of the largest bacterial collectors in a hotel room, along with the room telephone. The innovative TV control via digital guest folder relieves your staff of time-consuming cleaning work, battery replacement and also attracts more attention. Why? Well, almost every hotel guest uses the television and once in his hand, the multitainment station not only encourages him to zap, but also to explore and discover the hotel’s own service offerings on the tablet.

Guest uses the digital guest directory as a remote control

4. Phonecloud – Inexpensice phone calls in the hotel thanks to VoIP

The room telephone is also easily replaced by the multitainment station iQ Tab. Hotel guests can either make phone calls directly with the tablet or talk using the optional Bluetooth handset as an extension of the In-Room Tablet. This reduces the cleaning effort and also saves expenditure on additional hardware. In addition, there is no need for costly maintenance of the telephone system. Speed-dial keys provide a better overview and guests can easily connect to the right area in the hotel. Each hotelier decides for himself whether the range of functions goes beyond internal calls in the hotel. Recognized as a room telephone by the German hotel classification, the points for star rating are also secured. Cheaper telephone calls are not possible.

5. Invoice Access directly in the hotel room

Quickliy checking out of the hotel and then going home. However, the “quick” can often turn into tormentingly long minutes for hotel guests if the bill has to be split or if something is wrong with the billing address. The new function “invoice access” provides a remedy here. The smart room folder gives guests access to your current invoice at any time and enables them to check and adjust their personal data. In addition, business guests can split their invoices by themselves with just a few clicks. Perfectly prepared, the check-out takes just a few seconds.

6. Smart Check-Out & Payment with the multitainment station iQ Tab

With the new Smart Check-Out and Payment extension, people in a hurry can check out on their own without any complications. Guests are guided step-by-step through the check-out process via tablet computer. With the included payment function, guests can choose from various payment methods and pay their bills. If there are already digital keys in the hotel, guests leave your hotel only with a smile for the reception staff and start their way home quickly and stress-free.

Access your current hotel invoice with the digital hotel information folder iQ Tab

7. Cash Register Interface – Fast ordering, relieved staff

Ordering via the digital guest folder is already a standard feature. However, the fact that the order arrives directly at the restaurant without time-consuming forwarding and is automatically booked in the POS system is unique and new. The combination of digital guest directory and cash register system thus provides enormous relief for your staff. In addition, the previously prevailing “whisper down the lane” method is avoided and the resulting errors are minimized.

The all-rounder in the hotel and hotel room

The latest developments turn the digital guest directory into a real all-rounder in the hotel room. The smart helper developed from a simple information folder to an insider tip for optimized hotel operations. The significant tablet computer with its sophisticated functions has become a visual highlight in the hotel room and a small indispensable functional wonder. With the new multitainment center, hotels can create digital guest experiences and ensure bright eyes and satisfied guests.