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Take a closer look: The new In-Room Tablet for hotels

The new standard in hotel rooms

The next hardware generation of the digital guest directory iQ Tab is here! With its simple elegance, the In-Room Tablet attracts everyone’s attention. Last year, we not only expanded the functionality of the digital guest folder, but also worked on the hardware. The result is the best digital guest folder ever!

With the new voice control and a chatbot, the digital guest directory iQ Tab was developed further last year, especially in terms of communication. However, guests now also use the In-Room Tablet as a remote control and can even check out comfortably in their hotel room. With the expanded range of functions, the performance of the digital guest folder is now also growing thanks to the improved hardware.

More power for more service in the hotel room

We have We’ve further developed the hardware of the digital guest portfolio to make it the best and most powerful version of the In-Room Tablet. Among other things, we’ve done that with a larger internal memory. In addition, the smart tablet in the hotel room now lasts even longer. Even if hotel guests forget to put the digital guest directory back in their charging station. The improved battery life allows hotel guests to use the iQ Tab to plan their next trip, explore current hotel offers and read their favorite magazines and newspapers without being charged.

In-Room Tablet with optional handset

Our digital all-rounder for every hotel already has an integrated telephone function. At Betterspace, we went one step further and have upgraded the telephony experience with the digital guest portfolio. Hoteliers can now offer their guests an additional handset to the tablet. Hotel guests can make calls just as they are used to with a handset. However, the hotel does not have to worry about a classic room telephone. Of course, hotel guests still have the option of using only the tablet to make calls. The In-Room Tablet is individually adapted to the requirements and wishes of the hotel and its guests.

The eye-catcher in the hotel room

Visually, the charging cradle has also changed. The slimmer design of the timeless charging station brings elegance to every hotel room. With the precisely fitting guide rail, the In-Room Tablet slides smoothly into the charging cradle. Hotel guests also continue to charge their own devices via the charging station. The practical USB port on the front remains essential. For charging smartphones or tablets, hotel guests simply connect their devices to the charging station. They don’t need an additional socket.