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Self-Ordering In Hotels: Digital Guest Directory And POS System Combined

Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe – A Success Story About The Triumphal Procession Of Digitization In Hotels

With “self-ordering”, the four star hotel is breaking new ground for digitization in the hotel industry with the help from Gastrofix and Betterspace, thanks to digital guest directory and POS system. For the quaint hotel Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe in the north of Hesse, it is important to always be up-to-date and to offer their guests the best service. Nobody is thinking of standstill here, quite the opposite!

The Focus Is On The Guest

“The most important factor in the hotel is the time saved thanks to digitization, that we can dedicate to our guests to fulfil their wishes. Because the guest is always the focus in our actions and efforts,” explains the smart Managing Director Lukas Frankfurth. A few years ago, digitization already made its way into the four-star hotel. First, the hotel, at that time under the management of Mr. Stefan Frankfurth, implemented a cloud-based cash register system from Gastrofix. This significantly simplified the processes in the hotel and increased productivity.

Intelligent Room Control After Cloud-Based Register

After that, the integration of the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol from Betterspace followed, and with that, the hotel achieved significant success. “The pleasant room temperature quickly increased the guest comfort, there were less complaints about too cold or too warm rooms and in addition to that we save about 30 percent of our energy costs. It was great that with both Gastrofix and Betterspace no structual measures were needed and everything could be smoothly integrated”, explains Lukas Frankfurth.

Lukas Frankfurth Managing Director Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe

After The Intelligent Room Control, The Digital Guest Directory

The next logical step was according to Lukas Frankfurth to replace the conventional guest information book with the digital guest directory iQ Tab by Betterspace. Individually adapted to the hotel, the smart hotel room folder helps guests to find information about the hotel and its surroundings, book services and offers and at the same time works as a room telephone. The digital assistant relieves the hotel staff and also increases the revenue. But with that the hotel has not yet reached the end of the digitalization of the hotel industry.

Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe Again Shows Boldness In Hotel Digitalization

As the first hotel, the Parkhotel is now testing self-ordering, thanks to its open-mindedness towards new ideas and the courage to digitize. Together with Gastrofix, one of the most successful iPad POS systems in Europe, and Betterspace, a solution provider for hotel digitization, the hotel takes another step towards the future of the hotel industry. For the first time, an interface was developed between the POS system and the digital guest directory, making it possible to transfer orders directly to the hotel restaurant.

Self-Ordering In Hotels

This way, guests can comfortably browse the menu and place orders with the digital guest directory or the app from Betterspace on their own smartphones. It does not matter if the guests are in their hotel room or in the hotel restaurant. The orders appear directly in the Gastrofix POS system in the restaurant without any complicated detours to the reception. The employee in the hotel restaurant then prints the receipt in the kitchen or restaurant with a single wipe.

Hotel guest places order in hotel restaurant with digital guest directory

The Joint Project Has Already Been Extensively Tested

Lukas Frankfurth, the new Managing director of the four star hotel was quickly convinced of the innovative project. On the digital guest directory iQ Tab, guests have a direct overview of the menu and the prices. It is hoped that this will increase the comfort of the guest as well as the revenue and additional sales. Not only guests and hoteliers benefit from the convenient ordering system, but also the staff is significantly relieved. Receipts no longer have to be booked manually on the rooms, but are simply written on the respective rooms via the interface to the PMS.

The Advantages Of Self-Ordering In Hotels

Thanks to the interface, the hotel Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe expects time savings of up to one hour per day. This is precious time, that now can be dedicated to the guests. Aditionally, due to the integration of the hotel software, the error rate is reduced. The manual posting of restaurant receipts to the rooms will no longer be necessary in the future. “We can only recommend to every restaurateur and hotelier to take the step towards digitalization in order to take care of the essential things of daily business, that is the guests and their well-being”, says Mr. Frankfurth.

Into The Future With Self-Ordering

Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers, the improvement of processes and the relief of staff is important. Not only guests in the hotel rooms of the Parkthotel Emstaler Höhe but also guests at the hotel’s own bowling alley can send their orders directly to the hotel restaurant or the hotel bar via the iQ Tab. The guest’s ordering habits can be better analyzed this way and conclusions about stock levels and costs can be drawn. “We are sure and convinced that with the combination of the iQ Tabs from Betterspace and the Gastrofix POS system, we can push our success in digitization, offer our guests a high quality service and simplify our processes, as well as increase the productivity and lower costs,” says Mr. Frankfurth.

Gastrofix POS system