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With the right communication in the hotel to success

Communicating with guests is essential for hotels. But now hoteliers are facing the limits of face-to-face communication due to distance regulations and new hygiene measures in hotels. Nevertheless, hotels do not have to do without communication. With the help of digital assistants, hoteliers can easily transfer the service into the digital world – because people are even more digitally active right now. In our previous blog post we already talked about how hotels manage pre- and post-stay communication. To round off communication during the entire Guest Journey, we will now take a closer look at communication during the stay phase.

Why communication during the stay-phase is so important for hotels

At the moment your guests are probably interested in the new hygiene measures at your hotel, whether the wellness area can be used again and which regulations are currently in place for the breakfast buffet. Now there are other ways to provide your guest with the desired information than the direct contact between hotel staff and guests. You can also do without flyers and magazines in the hotel room and lobby, which have to be disinfected or exchanged after each guest. Increase the satisfaction of your guests with hygienic, digital communication tools. Even with the new distance regulations and even if your front desk is not manned, your guest always has a personal contact person in the hotel.

Create unforgettable experiences at your hotel

Make your guest aware of current offers and events at the hotel. Show them what your hotel has to offer and turn the stay into a special experience for your guest. Even if the direct communication between guests and hotel staff is reduced to a minimum, the service does not have to suffer. For example, with the digital guest directory and its integrated chat, your guests can get in touch with the hotel staff – of course without physical contact. Guests independently explore the hotel and all services offered with digital assistants, such as the digital guest folder.

Increase your revenue

With the right information, you not only ensure happy guests, but also boost your sales. Communication during the stay phase offers high potential for up- and cross-selling , which you can unleash with the help of digital helpers. Show your guests the spa offers or make them aware of the room service offers and underline the whole thing with appealing pictures. Give your guest the opportunity to order a sandwich with only one click, to make a reservation at your hotel restaurant or to book a wellness appointment – comfortably and easy from their hotel room.

Simplify and accelerate internal hotel processes

With the help of digital assistants, you can simultaneously optimize various processes in the hotel. From automated ordering processes to real-time information distribution to the digital supply of magazines and newspapers, digitization facilitates complex processes in the hotel. For example, you can update the content of the digital guest directory on all devices simultaneously with one single click. Expensive printing of information material and the tedious process of exchanging it is no longer necessary with the digital assistants in the hotel. Even the processing of reservations and orders is no problem with digital assistants. Breakfast is ordered by clicking on the room and the spa treatment in the afternoon is booked directly. Your guests can also conveniently cancel room cleaning when not needed. In this way you avoid additional contact points between hotel staff and guests. With every cancelled room cleaning you and your guests do something good for the environment at the same time.

These digital helpers take over the communication during the stay phase

Digital guest directory in the hotel room

Especially during the stay phase, the digital guest directory on the in-room tablet helps with personal communication. The digital guest directory provides the hotel guests with up-to-date content in different languages and is available around the clock in the hotel room. The digital guest directory knows everything about your hotel and the digital assistant also knows the surroundings inside and out. Your hotel guests inform themselves easily with the digital guest directory. On the in-room tablet, your guests will find important information about the hotel, the services offered and recommendations for activities. The digital guest directory also provides your guests with interesting facts, sights and insider tips from the hotel itself. Especially in the current situation, a good communication network is important in order to pass on up-to-date information as quickly as possible. The digital guest folder on the tablet also welcomes your guest with a personal message in their hotel room. In addition to the guest welcome, the digital guest directory offers many other possibilities for communicating with the guest. Via the integrated chat, guests can contact hotel staff directly from their hotel room.

With personalized push messages you can reach your guests with up-to-date and important information. For example, let your guest know the day before his departure that the check-out times have been extended in order to avoid crowds in public areas and to comply with distance regulations. Or have them check out directly in their hotel room using the digital guest directory. But even during his stay, use the practical push messages to draw his attention to various offers or send him a message to make a reservation in the hotel restaurant. This helps you to comply with the distance regulations in the hotel and at the same time helps with personnel planning.

The digital guest directory also replaces the classic telephone in the hotel room. Your guests can make calls from their hotel room using only the tablet or an optional telephone handset for the tablet. This also ensures more hygiene in the hotel room, because the in-room tablet can be cleaned quickly and easily and can be disinfected without any problems. The digital guest directory is the perfect allrounder in the hotel. Via the digital guest directory, your guests also send digital greeting cards to friends and family. In addition, your guests can easily leave a review via the digital guest directory. While your guest is still in the hotel, ask him or her for a short feedback. This allows you to intervene directly in case your guest is missing something.

„Digital helpers such as the digital guest directory or the lobby display with their diverse promotional options will help us to boost our sales after the reopening.“
S. Wachsmuth, Asst. Hotel Manager Centrovital Berlin

Digital signage in public areas

You can also communicate with your guests via digital signage and touch screens in the hotel. Provide them with interactive information on easy to clean information displays in the lobby and do without flyers and magazines. With one click, your guests can call a cab or plan their next trip with the help of the route planner and information about the surroundings. Hygiene measures, current offers or other information can be displayed in public areas with the help of digital signs. With the digital conference guidance system, business guests can find clear information on upcoming conferences or other events and are guaranteed to find the right meeting room.

Digital communication makes everyday hotel life easier

Communication between the hotel and guest is indispensable during the stay. In addition to the classic face-to-face communication, there are other options to get in touch with the guest. To avoid direct physical contact and to comply with the new hygiene measures, digital assistants take over the communication with the hotel guest. Thanks to digital guest directories and the like, guests are informed about everything important within seconds.

But digital assistants not only help you keep in touch with your guest. The digital assistants optimize various processes in the hotel at the same time. Be it order management, which is accelerated digitally and automatically, or the simple cancellation of room cleaning at the touch of a button – digitization simplifies processes in the hotel for both employees and guests. You can find out more about the digital assistants and smart services on our website and blog.