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Up to 31 % less energy costs with the intelligent room control

Have your radiators controlled automatically with and reduce your energy consumption as if by itself. Resource-saving, smart and independent of personnel, makes heating more efficient.

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How you benefit from intelligent room control

Reduce heating costs by up to 31 % and relieve staff at the same time

Heats automatically depending on occupancy schedule and times

No structural measures and additional cables necessary

Unlimited scalability with additional thermostats and rooms

Turn your building into a smart building

How to automatically reduce your energy costs by up to 31 %

The intelligent heating control system ensures greater energy efficiency. The system heats automatically depending on the occupancy schedule. This means that rooms are only heated when they are actually in use. This can reduce your energy consumption and costs by up to 31 percent. Stop wasting your money and time checking radiators.

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Impressive intelligence that pays off

If you store the occupancy schedule of your rooms, knows at any time which room is in use and when. This way, busy rooms are heated to a comfortable temperature, while empty rooms are kept at an efficient level. The system also detects open windows and automatically adjusts heating behavior. In the event of unusual consumption, you are informed immediately via automatic alerts.

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The ideal solution for all non-residential buildings with 30 or more radiators turns your building into a smart building. Whether it’s an office, school or clinic, the intelligent heating control adapts to your needs. With cloud-based control and the latest technology, the system scales indefinitely. You can integrate as many thermostats and rooms into the system as you need.

More energy efficiency without structural measures

With the energy management software, the simple control of radiators and the reduction of energy costs is child’s play for you. No cables need to be laid for intelligent room control. Installation is quick and easy. To do this, the wireless thermostats are attached to your radiators, which automatically connect to the software via a gateway. The gateways have an impressive range of up to 500 m and can also be used independently of your network infrastructure.

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Always everything in view with

You can easily manage via the system’s backend. Here you always have an overview of occupied rooms, active thermostats and current settings from anywhere. If there is any unusual consumption, you will receive a warning message directly. Here you also manage the temperature limits for your rooms and at what times the system should change the temperature. For example, on weekdays, the office rooms are heated up from 7:45 a.m. and the temperature is automatically turned down again from 6:00 p.m.

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Future-proof equipped with the latest technology

The intelligent room control uses the new wireless standard LoRaWAN. Not only do you benefit from high security standards, but you also have the option of scaling the system indefinitely and expanding it to an infinite number of rooms and thermostats. In addition, the battery consumption of the thermostats is optimized so that the battery life can be extended to five to ten years.

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“I think the technology they offer is […] a good way to intelligently save energy, reduce personnel costs […] and save money.”

– Christian Söllner, Head of Administration Evangelisches Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum

“The radio technology is simply future-oriented and also environmentally friendly.”

– Jens Philipsenburg, Managing Director DQuadrat Living Das Schlafwerk

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