Press release Supporting Electromobility In Hotels With Digital Services

Forschungsprojekt Ditour-EE Konsortium

[Ilmenau / Erfurt, April 17,2018]

On April 17, the partners Betterspace GmbH from Ilmenau, das Fraunhofer IEE from Kassel and HKW-Elektronik GmbH from Wutha-Farnroda presented the research project “DiTour-EE” to the public in Erfurt for the first time. The ambience of the hotel Raisson Blu Erfurt was appropriately chosen for the project presentation, as the project is all about electric mobility in the hotel and tourism industry.

The aim of the project, which has a volume of € 3.1 million, is the development of digital services to support the electromobility in the hotel and tourism industry.

In the project, which is funded with € 2.1 million by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the program “ICT for Electric Mobility”, a customer-oriented charging management is to be developed, that will be integrated into a holistic energy management system. This enables the economically viable integration of electromobility in the hotel and tourism industry. The created intelligent energy and charging management system makes it possible to develop new business models for hoteliers and energy suppliers as well as develop new services relating mobility.

The Fraunhofer IEE in Kassel develops the required algorithms, which enable the ideal integration of electric mobility into the energy managementt of a hotel and the power grid. Next to the infrastructure, the manufacturer of charging stations HKW-Elektronik is also responsible for the intelligent communication between charging station and vehicle. The expert for digitization Betterspace aggregates all information on one platform and develops smart mobility services.

„A project with real potential, if only the about 1,200 accomodation facilities in Thuringia are considered,” the project manager Dr. Siwanand Misara from the consortium leader Betterspace GmbH in Ilmenau is optimistic.

Digital solutions from Betterspace in the hotel Radisson Blu Erfurt
Digital solutions from Betterspace in the hotel Radisson Blu Erfurt

The consortium provided an insight into future digital services for hotels at the public presentation: digital guest directory, voice control, intelligent room control and smart mobility services were presented in live operation.

More Information About The Project:

In addition to the trend of digitization, electric mobility for the hotel and gastronomy industry is a major opportunity and challenge for the future, considering charging management for guest vehicles alone pushes the technical resources to their limits.

The project DiTour-EE is based on the two trends electromobility and digitization and develops an ICT system platform, that connects and optimizes the mobility requirements of guest’s and hotel own’s vehicles with the energy management of the house. On the one hand, the platform optimizes energy consumption and on the other hand, it controls the charging processes of electric cars so intelligently that they can be integrated at minimal costs. This makes the economically viable use of electromobility in the hotel and tourism industry possible.

The overall system is permanently being tested in 12 hotels of various categories located all over Thuringia, each with three charging stations and five equipped rooms.

DiTour-EE is one of 14 projects of the research programme “ICT for Electric Mobility III” funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). With this programme, the BMWi continues reasearch activities in the field of commercial use of electromobility. In January 2018, the project DiTour-EE started its work and is funded with a grant of approx. € 2.1 million.

About Betterspace:

Betterspace is a 360° provider of digital solutions for the hotel industry. The intelligent solutions not only help hoteliers to reduce their costs and generate new revenue, but also relieve their staff and protect the environment. The smart solutions faciliate work processes and optimize workflows, giving hoteliers the chance to focus on what is really important: their guests.

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