Press release Premiere: Digital Guest Directory Directly Linked To POS System

„Quantum Leap For Room Service Of The Future“

[Berlin/Ilmenau, October 2018]

In a joint project to modernize the room service, iPad cash register pioneer Gastrofix and hotel digitizer Betterspace developed an interface with which the digital guest directory can be linked to a cash register system for the first time. This way, orders from hotel rooms do no logner have to pass through different stations, but are sent to the restaurant directly. Initial tests were promising, the interface will be officially available soon.

Linkage Of Digital Guest Directory And Cash Register

The linkage of digital guest directory and cash register ensures efficient self-ordering, that increases revenue per guest and relieves staff: Guests simply choose their orders from the hotel restaurant’s menu, that is available on the in-room tablet computer or the Betterspace app on their own smartphones (bring your own device-solution). The order instantly appears in the Gastrofix POS system in the restaurant, without being complicatedly forwarded by the reception staff. With only one click, the waiter in the restaurant initiates the ticket printing at the bar or in the kitchen.

Self-Ordering In Hotel Rooms

“The combination of guest directory and cash register system is unique in Germany and a quantum leap for room service of the future,” says Stefan Brehm, Managing Director of Gastrofix and co-initiator of the joint project. “Hotels with a restaurant can noticably generate additional revenue per guest in the future.” Benjamin Köhler, Co-founder of Betterspace, shares a similar view: “A traditionally error-prone and personnel-intensive process in the still below-average digitized Stay Phase is finally optimized and communication with the guest is brought to another level. That’s how you delight your guests and turn them into ambassadors for your company. And, in addition, your own staff is also relieved – an aspect that is not entirely unimportant in times of a shortage of skilled workers.”

Succuessful Tests At Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe

The tech innovation was extensively tested at Parkhotel Emstaler Höhe. The four-star hotel in the north of Hesse has always shown courage for the digital and when he heard of the lighthouse project, managing director Lukas Frankfurth was quickly hooked: “Due to the interlinking of guest directory and POS system, we win in three ways: We simplify our processes, increase productivity and reduce personnel costs. It couldn’t be better.” Since recently, not only guests in their hotel rooms can benefit: By now, users of the bowling alley in the cellar can order food and drinks conveniently via tablet. The future of order processes has begun.

Digital guest directory with self-ordering feature smart solutions from betterstpace for hotels
Digital and smart solutions from Betterspace for hotels

About Gastrofix:

With more than 14,000 licenses sold and 130 employees in seven countries, Gastrofix is one of the most successful iPad POS systems in Europe. The innovative SaaS solution runs on standard Apple hardware and was designed as a multi-compatible all-rounder that can be linked to other programs, including accounting, hotel software, merchandise management and many more, via interfaces. In addition to direct sales, the company has built up an international network of over 100 retail partners. The turnover managed by Gastrofix amounts to € 3.6 billion per year.

About Betterspace:

With the 360° Hotel Cloud, Betterspace offers smart, intelligent and most of all digital solutions, that revolutionize the everyday work of hoteliers and delight guests. In addition to satisfied guests, hotels benefit from increasing revenues, lower operating costs and automated processes. At the same time, Betterspace supports hoteliers in pushing sustainability in hotels and protecting the environment. Betterspace’s portfolio ranges from smart solutions for guest communication over intelligent energy management solutions to hotel infrastructure offerings. The smart solutions impress with their easy handling and uncomplicated integration into existing structures, true to the motto “Smart, digital & simple”. You can learn more at:

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