Press release Electromobility In Hotels Makes Progress

Research And Development Project DiTour-EE

[Erfurt/Ilmenau, February 1, 2019]

Almost a year ago the research and development project DiTour-EE by the partners Betterspace GmbH from Ilmenau, Fraunhofer IEE from Kassel and HKW-Elektronik GmbH from Wutha-Farnroda started its work. The research project picks up on two trends in the hotel and tourism industry: Digitization and electromobility.

28 Charging Points In The Pipeline

Looking back, a lot has happened in the past year. DiTour-EE was able to acquire 12 hotel partners of different categories. In Erfurt, you can now find three charging points at Hotel am Kaisersaal or at the Radisson Blu. A total of five hotels were equipped with 14 charging points. 28 further ones are currently being planned. If in the future, you receive a digital guest directory in the form of a tablet computer at the reception desk, you have checked into one of the hotels that are part of this research project.

Digital Guest Directory Used As Interface

The digital guest directory serves as the interface between the platform, developed by the project, and the hotel guest. With this tablet computer, guest can reserve an EV charger or an electric vehicle and have a route to points of interest created, that is adapted to the needs of electromobility. The platform in the background manages the adjustment of the charging processes in accordance with the current energy demand of the object. This ensures that there are no expensive peak loads in the hotel.

Mobility-as-a-Service – The Future Of Mobility

The “Mobility-as-a-Service” concept, MaaS in short, is given high priority in the research project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Mobility is increasingly becoming a service and especially in the hotel industry, this new mobility concept offers many opportunities. The project is conducting intense research into business models for hoteliers and is involving its associated partners to create a practical solution.

New Demonstrator – Premiere At ITB 2019

The new demonstrator of the ICT joint project is currently being developed. This demonstrator will be presented at ITB Berlin in March. In addition to the numerous technical presentations by the consortium, DiTour-EE was also represented at the Fraunhofer anniversary in Kassel and at the Thuringian Electric Mobility Day in Eisenach. The project was also able to present initial results internationally at presentations such as at the „E-Mobility Integration Symposium 2018“. Further development stages will be implemented at the associated hotel partners in the course of the year. They will provide an initial insight on how the use of electric mobility in the hotel industry could look like.

Digital guest directory in hotel room with the Radisson Blu Hotel Erfurt design
Digital guest directory by Betterspace in the Radisson Blu Hotel Erfurt

More About The Project:

In addition to the trend of digitization, electric mobility for the hotel and gastronomy industry is a major opportunity and challenge for the future, considering charging management for guest vehicles alone pushes the technical resources to their limits.

The project DiTour-EE is based on the two trends electromobility and digitization and develops an ICT system platform, that connects and optimizes the mobility requirements of guest’s and hotel own’s vehicles with the energy management of the house. On the one hand, the platform optimizes energy consumption and on the other hand, it controls the charging processes of electric cars so intelligently that they can be integrated at minimal costs. This makes the economically viable use of electromobility in the hotel and tourism industry possible.

The overall system is permanently being tested in 12 hotels of various categories located all over Thuringia, each with three charging stations and five equipped rooms.

DiTour-EE is one of 14 projects of the research programme “ICT for Electric Mobility III” funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). With this programme, the BMWi continues reasearch activities in the field of commercial use of electromobility. In January 2018, the project DiTour-EE started its work and is funded with a grant of approx. 2.1 million euros.

About Betterspace:

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