Press release AZIMUT Relies On Smart Hotel System By Betterspace

Up To 28% Energy Savings In Hotel

[Ilmenau, October 8, 2018]

The internationally renowned hotel chain AZIMUT Hotels relies on intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol by Betterspace when it comes to digitization. After a successful test run with the smart room control in the AZIMUT Hotel Dresden, the expansion of the Smart Hotel System to further hotels is currently being planned. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the smart system automatically controls the radiators in hotels. This reduces energy costs by an average of 28 percent and ensures more sustainability and energy efficiency in the hotel.

AZIMUT Hotel Dresden Integrates Intelligent Room Control System

From February to March, 18 hotel rooms of different categories in the AZIMUT Hotel Dresden were equipped with the intelligent room control from Betterspace. In addition, calibrated heat meters were installed to allow precise evaluation. During three periods with and without the intelligent room control, the heat consumption between February and March 2018 was quantified and analyzed.

While the Smart Hotel System by Betterspace automatically controls radiators in the hotel, it takes regional weather data as well as the occupancy into account. The intelligent system receives data about capacity and occupancy of the AZIMUT Hotel Dresden via an interface to the hotel software Oracle.

Fraunhofer Institute Confirms Energy Savings In The Hotel

In order to maintain the objectivity of the measurement results, the Fraunhofer Institute IEE was responsible for the measurement and evaluation and, as an independent institution, confirmed the savings in heating consumption. With the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol from Betterspace, the energy consumption was reduced by exactly 27.69 percent. Thus, the Fraunhofer Institute IEE confirms the saving of almost 28 percent CO2 emissions in the hotel as well.

AZIMUT Hotels Become Digital And Sustainable

Manja Schumann, Manager of AZIMUT Hotel Dresden says: “We are enthusiastic about the energy savings we realize with the smart room control system from Betterspace and that the system could be integrated into our existing hotel infrastucture without construction measures. In addition, the smart system relieves our employees thanks to the automated control of every radiator in the hotel. We are happy about the cooperation with Betterspace and we are convinced, that with the use of the intelligent system we are taking a big step towards smart hotel, preparing ourselves for the future and at the same time pushing sustainability in our hotels.”

More Energy Efficiency In Hotels With Betterspace

Betterspace is also pleased about the cooperation with AZIMUT Hotels, says Benjamin Köhler, Head of Sales: “Betterspace stands for progress with digitization and optimization thanks to smart solutions which support and relieve hoteliers in their stressful daily work. We are very happy about the energy savings, the AZIMUT Hotel Dresden was able to realize and, of course, the resulting reduction of CO2 emissions. But we are even happier that with iQ Roomcontrol we are giving employees in the hotel more time to focus on their guests.

Further Hotels To Be Equipped With Smart Hotel System

After the complete equipment of the AZIMUT Hotel in Dresden with the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol, further houses of the international chain in Germany will follow. AZIMUT Hotels is thus setting an example for more sustainability in the hotel industry and supports current climate protection efforts in the hotel industry, while at the same time digitization continues to make its way into the hotels.

Digital and smart solutions for hotels by Betterspace
Digital and smart solutions for hotels by Betterspace

About AZIMUT Hotels:

AZIMUT Hotels is the largest international hotel chain from Russia, based on the number of rooms and the geographical orientation, and manages own houses as well as hotels under management contracts. Founded in 2004, it is the market leader in Russia’s mid-market segment and stands out as a dynamically developing and constantly growing hotel chain. The brand currently consists of 36 hotels of various categories in 28 cities in Russia, Germany and Austria with a capacity of 6,000 rooms. The hotel chain is characterized by a wide range of conference facilities, state-of-art technologies and WLAN.

About Betterspace:

With the 360° Hotel Cloud, Betterspace offers smart, intelligent and most of all digital solutions, that revolutionize the everyday work of hoteliers and delight guests. In addition to satisfied guests, hotels benefit from increasing revenues, lower operating costs and automated processes. At the same time, Betterspace supports hoteliers in pushing sustainability in hotels and protecting the environment. Betterspace’s portfolio ranges from smart solutions for guest communication over intelligent energy management solutions to hotel infrastructure offerings. The smart solutions impress with their easy handling and uncomplicated integration into existing structures, true to the motto “Smart, digital & simple”. You can learn more at:

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