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Find out how to use the digital guest directory to streamline your hotel's internal processes and improve communication between departments. Gain your competitive edge and start your digital transformation in the best possible way.

Status Manager Connect your employees with the digital guest directory

As a hotelier, you know perfectly well that all employees appear as a team to the outside world. Inside, however, there are often communication difficulties between reception, house keeping, service and kitchen. Use the digital guest directory now and connect your departments with each other - the service mode makes it possible.

The digital guest directory always forwards information to the right department. If a guest orders a second pillow via his digital guest directory, reception and of course house-keeping are immediately informed. Both departments are up-to-date. In case your guest is impatient and enquires at the reception, your receptionist is informed and can intervene. This way, your guests' requests are always handled in the best way.

Status Manager for hotels powered by Betterspace
Hotel A to Z on the digital guest directory iQ Tab

More Information Relieve your staff without affronting your guests

Especially your reception staff is often confronted with recurring questions. When are the breakfast times, how long is the SPA are open, what is there to see nearby? These questions are certainly familiar to you. And that's not a problem, as long as it's not 5 pm and a lot of stressed business man want to check in at the same time. But what if there is already a queue in front of the counter?

It's quite simple, just refer to your innovative and smart guest directories. Your guests can inform themselves in detail and long queues at the reception are a thing of the past. You avoid recurring questions and always provide your guests with the latest information.

Service Mode With the digital guest directory you always know what's going on

Another typical situation in hotels: Guests are arriving early. In this case, your front office team has an overview of all rooms at any time, thanks to the status manager. Using the digital guest directories, the maids report each room as cleaned, immediately after cleaning and checking it. Your front office team can see the status of the room and the tablet on their reception PC.

In addition, your maids have the possibility to report defects in the rooms directly to the facility management with the digital guest directories. Thus the smart devices help to streamline the workflow of your departments, save unnecessary journeys and improve communication.

Newspapers and Magazines on the digital Guest Directory in a Hotel

Lean Hotel Processes Less work, more fun

Your maids and room boys will love the digital guest directories. Changing TV guides every Friday, checking analogue room folders and replacing dirty ones will no longer be necessary. Thanks to hundreds of integrated newspapers and magazines, your guests have plenty of choice. And your house-keeping will have more time to concentrate on cleaning the room.

Dirty room folders with ugly signs of usage are now a thing of the past with the digital guest directory. In addition, your maids don't need to check the smart directories for completeness.

CMS System Incredibly easy handling thanks to the intuitive control system

Naturally, you can change the content of your smart directory yourself at any time. Don't worry, you don't need to be a technical genius for it. Offers and contents are easily entered and changed with the intuitive CMS system iQ Control. At the touch of a button, you can change all the information. The only thing you need is a PC and Internet access.

Of course, we will not leave you alone with this. You receive a detailed training and always have a contact person at your side, just in case something doesn't work the way you want it to. In addition, iQ Control, the intuitive back end, gives you the opportunity to view current statistics on the use of your digital guest directories and to save reports. Here you also find all your digital guest directories and have an overview of the status of the tablets.

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Hotel Chain ManagementDigital Guest Directory
at the push of a button
everything is updated

It has never been easier to display your latest offers in real time in all hotels in your hotel chain or cooperation. From now on, your digital guest directories have everything under control. Thanks to the hotel chain chain management feature it is possible to change and adapt the content of all smart guest directories at the same time. Of course, this works just as easily as updating the information on the guest directories within one hotel.

This significantly reduces the amount of work for all employees and also cuts costs for print materials. From now on, one employee updates all guest directories in your hotels or guest house centrally. The time required is significantly lowered as it is no longer necessary to inform all employees responsible for updating the guest directories individually. Up-to-date information will reach your guests much faster in the future.