iQ Phone

The ingenious evolution of the digital guest directory

The iQ Phone is the perfect combination of a 10.1“ HD video phone with a high-end touchscreen display. It combines all the advantages of an innovative digital guest directory with those of a state-of-the-art telephone.

With this single device guests can enjoy constant access to the latest information. Internet access, radio and games are available as well - and of course it can be used as a phone!

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iQ Phone combines telephone and digital guest directory for hotels in cooperation with Gigaset

Hotel guest with the iQ Phone attached to the wall
hotel guests find out about excursion destinations in the guest directory of the iQ Phone
iQ Phone is placed on the table in the hotel room
Laid-back female hotel guest makes a call with the iQ Phone

Only the best for you and your hotel room

The iQ Phone combines the best characteristics of a digital guest directory with those of an in-room telephone.


Diversity in one device
Advertises hotel offers
Increased revenue & quickly reachable ROI
Increases guest satisfaction
Future-proof VoIP/SIP technology
Digital travel guide
Relieves your hotel staff
Intuitive handling
Contents can be updated any time

Great for you & great for your guests

With our iQ Phone you receive a perfectly organised infotainment centre for your hotel rooms. The best thing about it: You can easily update all information, data and notifications with just a few clicks. No more weekly exchanges of TV magazines in each room, no lost orders and no unnecessary printing costs for keeping your guest directories up to date.

It can be as easy as that. The iQ Phone serves as your sales manager, supports your marketing activities and even operates as a travel guide and concierge. It's on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever needing a break and takes care of all the small and big wishes of your guests.

iQ Phone mit Hörer neben dem Gerät
Front view of the iQ Phone and nightlife destinations

More information, more entertainment, more fun

With our iQ Phone you receive an innovative infotainment centre for each guest in his or her room. Listening to the radio, checking the news or playing some solitaire games to relax, no wish remains unfulfilled.

This combination of entertainment and information is not only very popular with small guests to pass the time. Grown-ups can find out all about your hotel, your offers and the surrounding area. In addition, guests are spared the annoying web-search to find information they are interested in or urgently need. Who would know their guests better than you do? You determine which contents you want to present to your guests with your iQ Phone.

Self-financing solution

What's so great about this combination of digital guest directory and telephone is the uncomplicated amortisation of costs. You can even increase your over-all revenues and your revenue per guest with it. This is made possible thanks to the pinpoint promotion of your own hotel offers.

In addition, you save on enormous costs. Printing costs for keeping brochures and hotel information up to date are no longer necessary. Cleaning costs are also reduced because your guests can easily cancel the daily room cleaning service if it's not needed. Further process costs can be lowered because the weekly exchange of in-room information and magazines is no longer necessary. You now have the time to focus on the essentials - to make your guests' stay even better and to relieve your staff.

Thanks to the additional income opportunities and the sinking operational and process costs, the iQ Phone is self-financing. Using the advertising opportunities, which the iQ Phone offers, the investment can be amortised even faster.

Perfect presentation of hotel offers on the iQ Phone
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