iQ Monitoring

Digital measurement, analysis and visualisation of energy consumption

iQ Monitoring an der Rezeption

What is iQ Monitoring?

iQ Monitoring is a tool to digitally measure, analyse and visualise energy consumption in hotels. With iQ Monitoring, energy guzzlers in the hotel are identified and eliminated. The times of rude awakenings at yearly energy billings are now over.

What are your key benefits?


Visualisation of energy input and consumption meters
Visualisation of peak loads
Optimised energy procurement

Oil and Gas

Automated alerts in case of unusual consumption
Optimised procurement


Automated alerts in case of a burst pipe or unusual consumption

Which additional functions does iQ Monitoring offer?

  • Transparency of energy consumption in real time and over months
  • Automated alerts if predefined thresholds are exceeded
  • Reports on relevant KPIs (energy usage / stay)
  • Prognosis of monthly energy costs
  • Comparison of relevant KPIs over the year
  • Comparison of KPIs of individual hotels within hotel chains
  • Comparison of KPIs depending on hotel occupancy
  • Recommendation for a customised configuration of generating plants

How is iQ Monitoring installed?

There is no hardware modification or technical expertise required to use iQ Monitoring. The sensor unit can be installed on the appropriate meter by any employee. The sensor is integrated in a few simple steps - and all relevant energy consumption data is displayed.