Smart touch screen - iQ DisplayThe interactive info display for your hotel lobby

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Digital Concierge for yout hotel lobby

The innovative lobby screen is your new digital concierge. The interactive display informs your guests about regional excursion destinations and provides all important details, directly in the hotel lobby and around the clock. The smart display also helps to advertise your products and services efficiently and in an innovative way. Optimise your costs for conventional printing products and boost your sales with the digital signage software for your hotel. The intuitive, easy-to-use info display not only attracts your guests, but also increases loyalty and leaves a positive impression of your hotel

Great display with even greater impactMany advantages with only one touch screen

Increase your revenues with your new digital concierge, the touch screen display for your hotel lobby. At the same time, the digital signage solution helps to reduce your expenses on advertising material and information brochures. Relieve your staff and reduce the workload with the smart concierge.

Presents hotel information
Works for you around the clock
More satisfied guests
Relieves your staff
Adaptable to your corporate design
Generates advertising revenue
Hotel lobby infotainment point thanks to iQ Display

Marketing, sales & digital conciergeTurn your lobby into the infotainment centre of your hotel

The digital signage software for your hotel lobby reduces your costs for conventional advertising measures and increases your turnover. In addition, guests are presented with information in a more concise and entertaining way, while saving resources and protecting the environment. No matter whether you need relevant hotel details such as opening hours of the wellness area, insider tips for the city or excursion destinations in your area, no wishes remain unfulfilled. And your guests can of course order a taxi to the next event location with just one touch.

There is no quicker and easier way for your guests to find information about your hotel and sights in the surrounding area. Simply manage all contents and offers centrally. The layout of the smart touch screen adapts to the corporate design of your hotel. Give your hotel a competitive edge and experience how easy it is to equip your hotel for the future with the digital signage software for the lobby display.

Success story Hotel and holiday park Haffhus

Find out how the hotel Haffhus increased its turnover by 50 percent and relieved its staff by 12 percent with the help of the digital concierge iQ Display. (Only available in german)

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Booking assistant more revenues at the lobby with iQ Display

Optimised processes and reduced work loadThe booking assistant for the interactive info display – your top sales point in the hotel

iQ Display, the digital info display, supports your hotel staff with their daily work at the reception desk. All employees are busy or your reception is not open 24 hours a day? No problem! Your new digital concierge in the form of a smart lobby display informs your guests in a targeted and uncomplicated way. Whether it’s insider tips, opening hours of your hotel restaurant or current offers, the interactive touch screen display has an answer to every question.

The booking assistant for the iQ Display additionally simplifies your work and eases the workload on your reception staff even more. With the help of the booking assistant, the effort required to book internal and external services is minimised. In the future, your guests will simply book their own massage appointments, a table in the restaurant or cosmetic treatments with the interactive lobby display.

HardwareUnique hardware for your lobby

Stop the boring posters and dull information brochures. Present your hotel offers in the best light with your new digital information display, which has been optimized particularly for the needs of your guests. Discover the combination of timeless and elegant design, intelligence and digitality.

iQ Display table display and wall mount:
15,6 bis 55 Zoll

iQ Display design stele:
21,5 bis 55 Zoll

iQ Display Designstele eyecatcher hotel lobby
Digital signage solution hotel iQ Display

Features of the digital lobby displayInformative, eventful and incredibly exciting

Discover the numerous features of the digital signage software for the interactive display in your hotel. Experience digitisation in the most simple and uncomplicated way with positive effects for your hotel, your staff and yourself. The digital concierge not only makes life easier for you but increases the satisfaction of your guests. Be inspired and present your hotel in an informative, innovative and top-performing way.

Opinions Hoteliers are enthused about the iQ Display

offer them a high entertainment factor with the digital signage solution for your hotel. Put a smile on your face and inspire your guests with the digital lobby display.

Hotel opinion iQ Display Hotel Blauer Bock

"Our guests love the display because of its ease of use and the up-to-date information."

Anne Schwarze
Hotel Blauer Bock

Hotel opinion iQ Display Schlosshotel Blankenburg

"The iQ Display supports our reception team and offers our guests all information at a glance."

Suzann Heinemann
Schlosshotel Blankenburg