Digital guest directory iQ Tab Extraordinary experience for your guests

Digital guest directory iQ Tab

The digital guest directory iQ Tab offers all advantages of an information guide for your hotel room, combined with a high-end tablet. The smart guest directory is your digital concierge, sales manager, travel guide and much more. Your guests will get the chance to experience a new dimension of infotainment and iQ Tab will improve your internal hotel processes. Do not waste your money on printed guest directories, which are expensive and hard to keep updated. Relieve your staff – the digital guest directory makes it possible!

Digital guest directory acknowledged by German Hotel Classification

Smart hoteliers and their guests The progressive digital guest directory

Reduce your operating costs and generate additional revenues. Our digital guest directory helps you increase your guests’ satisfaction and informs them about your hotel, tourist destinations and your hotel’s surroundings. Discover the advantages of the iQ Tab and see how easy digitalization is.

in sales
guest satisfaction
No printing
Lower workload for
hotel staff
cleaning costs
advertising revenues
hotel processes

Increased hotel turnover The easy way of generating additional sales

Integrate your special hotel offers, such as wellness treatments, cocktail happy hours or room services into your smart guest directory and advertise them actively. Push messages help you to increase the utilization of your services easily and generate additional revenues for you. Offer your guests a 24/7 service via information and booking options on your iQ Tabs.

More about increase of turnover
Increased in sales with digital guest directory iQ Tab from Betterspace

Infotainment The best digital guest directory you have ever seen

Put an end to the trail of paperwork in your hotel rooms. With the digital guest directory you can digitally present up-to-date information about your hotel services or provide your guests information about the local tourist destinations.

Improve the image of your hotel Your marketing tool right from the hotel room

The digital guest directory is not only the new infotainment center for your guests. At the same time it is an effective marketing tool with many possibilities which you can use for your benefit The integrated greeting card function allows your guests to share the hotel greeting cards in social networks, such as Facebook and co. or send them to their friends and the family. This feature helps you to reach a larger target group and improves the image of your hotel. Target marketing has never been that easy!

More about marketing & image improvement
Overview Interfaces of the digital guest directory from Betterspace to external providers

Increase guest satisfaction A satisfied guest after each tablet use

With the digital guest directory your guests will always be well informed about the insider tips, popular destinations or restaurants. Thanks to the many additional functionalities, such as games, newspapers and online media no wishes will remain unfulfilled. And if the guest should still not be satisfied, the Quick Feedback function will give you the chance to react immidiately. Negative ratings will not happen anymore! The classical functionality for the rating of the guest´s stay is of course a standard part of our digital guest directory.

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Hotel guest holding digital guest directory iQ Tab in hand

Phone function iQ Tab digital guest directories replace room telephones

The German Classification Association confirmed that Betterspace digital guest directories iQ Tabs fully replace the classical room telephones. The smart guest directory is combined with a phone functionality and therefore it is a valauble replacement for the room telephone. Telephoning over VoIP is also the cost-effective alternative to the old ISDN network.

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Optimize hotel processes The digital guest directory – your digital concierge

Improving internal processes has never been so easy. The iQ Tab helps you to improve communication with your guests as well as with other hotel departments. Experience the simplicity of reporting small defects in the hotel rooms via Service Mode.

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Chat with the front desk through the Betterspace digital guest directory

Reduce hotel costs Save printing costs and ressources

The digital guest directory will free you from annoying printing costs. All up to date information will be spread immediately amongst the hotel rooms at the push of a button. Say good-bye to the time-consuming exchange of printed information. The option to “cancel the room cleaning” via guest directory will also help you to lower the cleaning costs, save your resources and protect the environment.

More about saving costs
Hotel guests can cancel the room cleaning and thus reduce hotel costs

Success story 11 % higher turnover in wellness area

Learn more about how the digital guest directory from Betterspace increased the turnover in wellness area in Seehotel Töpferhaus

Download success story

Innovative hardware The power of the digital guest directory

The unique hardware for our innovative guest directory is perfect for your guests‘ desires and of course also yours. High-end tablet PC’s with additional features will enhance your guests‘ stay as well as your work.

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Hand holds digital guest folder upstairs

Customer’s opinion Hotel owners are impressed by the iQ Tab

Stop wasting your money and time on the expensive analogue guest directories. The iQ Tab offers far more than a common guest directory. Impress your guests and make them and yourself happy! iQ Tab – effective, efficient and incredibly innovative.

“I’m very impressed by the extensive added values of the digital guest directory.”

Olaf Seibicke
Hotel Der Lindenhof

“The iQ Tab brings our guests a high-class additional benefit.”

Maarten Tieleman
Excellence Hotels S.A.

Provide your hotel guests a revolutionary communication tool – a digital guest directory from Betterspace

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