Sustainability in the hotel More energy efficiency for a green future

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Sustainability has recently been one of the top topics in the hotel industry. Along with the digitization trend, sustainability is immensely discussed by hoteliers. More and more guests attach great importance to the environment and a positive ecological image of the hotels. Also, hotel guests increasingly pay attention to the labels, which confirm and certify the hotel’s sustainability.

The main idea behind all sustainability concerns and sustainable behavior of the hotels is environmental protection. As a hotelier you are ultimately dependent on your environment. As a result, you should keep the environmental impact of the hotel operations as low as possible. Climate change impacts, such as floods and extreme weather, have serious consequences for hotels and threaten their existence. Therefore, it is in your interest to take measures, such as intelligent room control systems to protect the environment and secure your own future.

Sustainability in the hotel Cost reduction made easy

Along with the changing needs of holiday and business guests and the associated changing demands on hotels, other factors play a major role in the sustainability debate. Environmental protection in the hotel and the commitment to more sustainability in the hotel industry is associated with an enormous savings potential. Worldwide, energy-saving and cost-cutting measures have gained in importance due to the increasing demand for energy and the rising energy prices.

Green hotel for more sustainability and environmental protection

The share of energy costs in the hotel is with around five to eight percent of the turnover in comparison to other industries very high. In combination with rising energy prices, energy costs are a major cost driver in the hotel. Therefore increased energy efficiency in the hotel will lower your costs. This in turn has a positive effect on the operating result. With iQ Roomcontrol, the Smart Home system for your hotel, you will reduce your energy costs as well as your CO2 emissions. Also other environmentally friendly and sustainable measures, such as waste reduction, have great potential to continuously reduce the operating costs in the hotel.

Environmental protection and sustainability Image factor for the hotel

By promoting green marketing stragegies in your hotel you can profit from a green image. Communicate the use of Smart Home systems together with the improved energy balance energy to position yourself in an environmentally friendly way and improve your image. This means important advantages over your competitors, as many hotel guests pay attention to the sustainability when selecting the hotel. More and more guests are aware of climate change and environmental protection, therefore the demand for sustainable hotels is stadily growing. In the long term, it will be difficult for non-environmentally friendly hotels to compete in the market. Use this knowledge for your hotel and your hotel’s image in order to stand your ground in the competition.

A positive and green image of your hotel is also important for your employees. The environmental commitment of your hotel, for example through the use of Smart Hotel systems, offers enormous benefits. Still, it is also your image what determines whether potential employees apply for a job in your hotel and stay loyal to you. This will also help you to avoid high fluctuation and shortage of skilled workers as well as the related personnel costs.

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Digitization Engine for sustainability in your hotel

Digitization and sustainability are big trends of our time. It seems that digitization overruns sustainability, because it requires a lot of resources. But that is not necessary. Both trends are not competitors, but are closely related to each other. If properly handled, there is even enormous savings potential thanks to digitization and of course in the hotel as well. The word “sustainovation” has been developed into a key concept, meaning the symbiosis of digitization and sustainability. Digital innovations ensure real savings in the hotel together with ecological, economical and social sustainability.

Digitization and new innovations offer a lot of potential to drive sustainability in hotels and to move with the times. There is no reason to be afraid of technology here. The modern helpers and software solutions convince by their simple applicability, easy integration into the existing infrastructure and are optimally adapted to the needs of hoteliers and hotel guests.

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Boost your energy efficiency with Betterspace and their Smart Home solutions

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