Energy management Air Conditioning In Hotels – Financial Drain Or Benefit?

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Tips, Tricks And Food For Thought For The Air Conditioning In Hotels

Due to the associated high energy costs, air conditioning in hotels continues to be a sore point for many hoteliers. In the context of the increasing demand for environmental and climate protection, the pressure on many hotels to maintain air conditioning is also increasing.

So, that the air conditioning does not become a financial drain for you, we have summarized tips and tricks for the use of the air conditioning in the hotel. In addition, we clarify the question of the benefits of air conditioning in the hotel.

Do I Need Air Conditioning In The Hotel?

First, let‘s put ourselves in your hotel guest‘s position. It is summer outside with temperatures around 30°C and your hotel guests are sitting in one of your conference rooms in the hotel. We certainly do not have to explain how your guests feel, when the room temperature is too high because of a non-existent or dysfunctional air conditioning system.

Not only the concentration, also the complete success of the event taking place in your hotel is suffering. It gets even worse, when your guest‘s hotel room is boiling after a day in the hot conference room. That does not seem very promising.

Hotel guests sit in a perfectly tempered conference room in the hotel thanks to air conditioning and applaud

Air Conditioning In Hotels – Your Hotel Rating Will Thank You!

The organizer of the conference and the conference participants, who also stay overnight in your hotel, will not be coming back to you soon. The rating of your hotel will be quite low, even if everything else in your hotel was perfect and satisfactory. The high temperature results in heated tempers and this will be reflected in your guest’s satisfaction.

Fact is, perfectly temperes hotel and conference rooms definitely contribute to the well-being and thus to the satisfaction of your guests. That shows in the reviews of your hotel.

What Hoteliers Need To Consider When Buying Air Conditioning

If you do not have air conditioning in your hotel yet, and you decide to to buy one, we advise you to always speak to a professional first. He or she will take the needs of your hotel into account and find the right air conditioning system for your hotel.

Please note, that your hotel guests are able to regulate the air conditioning in their hotel room by themselves. After all, every hotel guest has an individual feel-good temperature. In addition, the air conditioning should be quiet, energy efficient and easy to operate. Because nothing is more disturbing than a noisy air conditioning system that is not easy to control.

Hotel guest controls the air conditioning with wall thermostat in the hotel room

Air Conditioning In Hotels
Things To Consider:

  • 1. The system is perfectly adapted to the individual needs of your hotel
  • 2. The air conditioning is easy to operate
  • 3. Hotel guests are able to regulate the air conditioningon their own without any problems
  • 4. The air conditioning automatically turns off, when a window is open
  • 5. The air conditioning is quiet

Air Conditioning Systems Are Expensive – Myth Or Truth?

It would be a lie to say that air conditioning does not cost anything. But what is free nowadays, right? Especially for conference hotels, luxury hotels and hotels in warm regions perfect tempered rooms are a must. Satisfaction of the guests and the fulfillment of their wishes and needs is still the top priority for every hotel.

The room temperature is an extremely significant criterion, in addition to the cleanliness of the hotel rooms and conference rooms. Without air conditioning and optimal ventilation, it will be difficult for hotels to satisfy the hotel guests. Please remember, that the satisfaction of the hotel guests is reflected in your hotel‘s turnover.

satisfied guest lays on the bed in a hotel roomr

Intelligent And Automatic Control Of Air Conditioning In Hotels

Smart and staff-independent control of the air conditioning in hotels also helps to drastically reduce energy consumption. Hoteliers can save up to 31 percent of their energy costs with the intelligent room control iQ Roomcontrol by Betterspace.

The smart home system regulates the air conditioning in hotels reliably and efficiently. Special features, such as the reduction of cooling performance when a window is open or that it takes check-in, check-out and weather forecasts into account, ensure an environmentally friendly and cost-saving use of the air conditioning in the hotel.

More Sustainability And Satisfied Guests Thanks To Smart Air Conditioning Control

Of course, the air conditioning in hotels is operated individually and in an uncomplicated way by hotel guests, with a simple and easy-to-operate wall-mounted thermostat. Basically, the smart hotel system is self-sufficient, but nevertheless, every guest has the opportunity to set their individual feel-good temperature and adjust it if necessary.

In addition to reducing energy costs, you also reduce the CO2 emissions of your hotel, which leads to an improved environmental balance of your hotel. Despite the air conditioning in the hotel, you improve the energy balance and the ecological footprint of your hotel with the help of smart room control.

Advantages of the intelligent air conditioning control for hotels

That‘s How The Air Conditioning Won’t Become A Financial Drain

To ensure that the air conditioning in your hotel does not become a financial drain, simple and small tricks help to increase the energy efficiency of the air conditioning in the hotel. Here are our top five tips on how to use air conditioning in your hotel:

  • 1. The air conditioning system turns itself off automatically, when the windows are open
  • 2. The air conditioning is linked to the check-in and check-out of the hotel guests
  • 3. Limit the cooling capacity to a minimum value
  • 4. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioning in the hotel
  • 5. Sensitize the hotel staff to the use of air conditioning