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More efficiency in the hotel with style and digitization – Insights into the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique

The first-class boutique hotel in the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel

In the fifth largest metropolis in Germany, Frankfurt, directly in the area around the train station, the district that makes Frankfurt a metropolis, you will find the new AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique very close to the station. Since August 2019, the 4**** boutique hotel has been welcoming its guests from all over the world in 133 rooms spread over four lavishly restored business villas. There could not have been a better place for the hotel. After all, the Bahnhofsviertel is characterized by hospitality, progress and history, just like the philosophy and appearance of the exclusive design hotel.

The goals of digitization in the hotel are clearly set

“To offer a stay experience that is unique” – the guiding principle of the hotel is implemented consistently and with a personal touch throughout the building. From exclusive furnishing to excellent service and a lot of cordiality, everything has been thought of. And of course, digitization plays an important role for General Manager Gisbert Kern and his team in Frankfurt.

Extensive information was collected about the use of digital assistants in the hotel. The goals were clearly defined: more service through efficient workflows, increased sales thanks to more satisfied guests and minimized costs thanks to digital assistants in the hotel were right at the top of the wish list. In addition, the smart assistant should fit in perfectly with the hotel and be easy to integrate. After all, AMERON stands for hotels with personality and every hotel has its own character. The AMERON Neckarvillen Boutique found what they were looking for with better.guest, the digital guest directory on the in-room tablet and the corresponding app version.

Lobby Ameron Neckarvillen Boutique
Exclusive design and lots of cosiness awaits guests in the first-class hotel AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique

The digital guest directory as the perfect companion for guests

The guests start their stay well informed. With the web app, they can find all the information they need to get off to a good start. Once in the room, the in-room tablet welcomes all guests personally in an individual way and presents all the special services of the hotel with appealing pictures. The in-room tablet also makes it easy to cancel room cleaning and order room service.

The digital guest directory perfectly underlines the personality of the hotel by combining digitization, design and functionality. Right from the start, guests were impressed by the smart assistant. The digital guest directory quickly convinced with its wide range of features and functions. However, not only the guests were enthusiastic, but also the employees in the hotel itself. Exclusive design and a lot of comfort awaits the guests in the first-class hotel AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique

In-Room Tablet und better.guest im Hotelzimmer
The digital guest directory fits perfectly into the design concept of the hotel

Here benefit guests, employees and the environment

After all, the employees benefit from the smart assistant, too. With a few clicks guests make a reservation for a table at the restaurant or cancel the daily room cleaning. This ensures lean processes and reduces the administrative effort in the hotel enormously. “The guests accepted and used the offers quiet well before the lockdown. No matter whether table reservations or show shine services,” explains Gisbert Kern.

The team in Frankfurt is also extremely satisfied with the newly created paperless hotel room. All important information is now communicated to the guest in a clear and impressive way and, above all, digitally. A loose collection of individual flyers and brochures would not have fitted into the concept of the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique anyway. So not only the employees and guests, but also the environment benefits from the functional wonder.

In-Room Tablet als Telefon im Hotelzimmer
The new in-room tablet with telephone feature and optional Bluetooth handset

Making phone calls with the in-room-tablet

The digital guest directory better.guest on the in-room tablet has completely convinced with another feature: the telephone function. After all, the smart tablet is not only a guest information station, but also a telephone. The boutique hotel refrained from additional hardware in the form of telephones to protect the environment and the wallet. “The complete offer of digital guest directory on the tablet with the telephone feature and the app for the smartphones of our guests has the best price-performance-ratio and is simply the most comprehensive offer,” says Gisbert Kern.

The General Manager is completely satisfied with the decision for Betterspace and the digital guest directory better.guest. “From installation to training and support, everything always ran smoothly. Friendly, competent and reliable partners are very important for us”, says Kern.

Hotelzimmer im Hotel Ameron Neckarvillen Boutique in Frankfurt
Design and comfort are combined in the Junior Suite in the AMERON Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique

Digital registration form for a quick check-in

As of recently, perhaps due to the Corona pandemic, guests can also check in quickly and digitally at the AMERON Neckarvillen Boutique. No need for paper, pen or waiting in line at the reception desk, just the digital registration form from Betterspace. This ensures a stress-free arrival and relaxed reception staff.

When it comes to digitization, the General Manager advises other hoteliers to develop a holistic concept that is nevertheless modular. That way, nothings has to be rushed. Digitization can gradually gain a foothold in the hotel with the right partner by the side.

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