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Digitization Of The Hotel Industry – Time Is Running Out – Part 3

Today, in our last part of the series “Digitization of the hotel industry”, we address the Post-Stay Phase of the Guest Journey, the period after the stay until the next holiday research. Here, too, the digital world picked up enormous speed over the past years and many changes came over the hotel industry. The Guest Journey comes full circle and your duty as a hotelier ends where it begins, in the World Wide Web. In addition, we show you how you can evolve into an expert in hotel digitization in nine steps without losing your identity.

Post-Stay Phase Of A Hotel Stay – Go For Guest Loyalty

Of course, during their stay you try to convince your guests to come back to your hotel again next year. But this is by far not enough. Remember the phrase “long absent, soon forgotten”? It applies to hotels as well. Your hotel needs to be present online and remind your guests that it still exists, otherwise your guests will soon forget about you. There is a wide range of offers and options due to a large number of competitors.

Digital solutions along the 360° Guest Journey
Digital solutions along the 360° Guest Journey

Social Media For Hotels – Authentic Content For Satisfied Hotel Guests

The issue of social networks is omnipresent and as a hotelier, you will be confronted with social media for hotels sooner or later. Do not be hesitant. Because those who miss out here are quickly abandoned by future guests, unless your guests are willingly escaping digitization. Instagram, Facebook and other social networks are extremely popular, especially among the so-called digital natives. That is why you should follow up with social media marketing in hotels. Additionally, search engines love social networks. Use this platform to improve your positioning on search result pages.

Social media is not primarily about sales, but about corporate communication and the strengthening of your name/brand. Use social media marketing, to represent your hotel digitally and online. Gain new fans, followers and arrange for interactions. “Share of Mind” is the keyword – a positive subject, your guests associate with their stay at your hotel. Get your guests to describe their experiences in your hotel and post authentic pictures. This is more effective for winning potential guests than glossy advertising without any reference to your hotel’s uniqueness. Turn your guests into supporters and regulars.

Send greeting cards with the digital guest directory
Send greeting cards with the digital guest directory

Rating Portals For Hotels – A Curse And A Blessing

The good old guest book has long been replaced by a digital version. On the well-known rating portals for hotels, such as TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck, every second new ratings from happy and annoyed guests appear. Make sure that your guests are happy guests and if it turns out to be different, react considerately and quickly. It is important not to always answer with the same text in the hotel rating portals. Because attentive guests will notice that and cause even more trouble.

Several American studies show that 92 percent of Internet users read hotel ratings online and 35 percent of guests change their hotel choices as a result. Forrester Research, however, announced that 79 percent of all TripAdvisor users regain their trust in a hotel when hotels professionally handle negative ratings. Take advantage of this knowledge. Many guests are indecisive when choosing their future hotel, whereby positive feedback on the Internet provides more safety and the will to make decisions of your future guests is increased.

E-mail marketing in hotels – Customized mails for more regulars

For you as a hotelier, e-mail marketing is a very good way of keeping in touch with your guests. In addition, it is possible to get feedback from your guest through e-mail marketing. This gives you the chance to optimize your service even further and learn more about your guest’s experiences during their stay at the hotel. The subscription rate for the newsletter is increased with vouchers, for example for a free breakfast or free late-check-out.

It is important that hotel newsletters are customized to your guest’s interests. We admit, this is easier for a large hotel chain than a cozy, privately owned hotel. While large hotel chains evaluate the booking behavior of their guests, the smart hotelier simply evaluates the preferences of his guests when they subscribe to the newsletter or at the welcoming campaign. This ensures that content and offers of your emails reflect the interests and wishes of your guests. Discounts for the next booking also increase the response rate. So, come on and hit the keys.

Guests in the hotel room holding the digital guest directory in their hands
Almost every other hotel guest uses the digital guest directory in the hotel room

The Digital Age In Hotels –
9 Tips For Hoteliers In The Trend Of Hotel Digitization

The digitization of the hotel industry is still at the beginning. Some digital solutions for hotels such as the own website, rating portals or even online travel agencies are not new, but hoteliers still neglect them. We have now reached the end of our blog series about digitization in hotels. But we still have a little something for you: nine tips and thought-provoking impulses which we hope you, as a hotelier in the course of digitizing hotels, will take to heart.

1. Offer experiences instead of services

Only the ones, who offer their guests new experiences in the future, will survive in the market. Digital solutions support you here. Your guests want to be positively surprised during their holiday or business trip. Be remembered by your guests by offering them experiences instead of services.

2. Perfect your digital infrastructure

Look for new digital helpers who will make your daily work easier and optimize your processes. This will ultimately give you more time for the essentials – your guests.

3. Improve your digital level of knowledge

Stay up to date and get involved with the digital solutions that the market offers you. Don’t be afraid of the technology. Digital solutions support you and make your everyday routine in the hotel easier. Conversations with colleagues and the exchange of experiences are of great value.

4. Optimize your digital marketing

Without digital marketing activities you will gradually become invisible to your guests. Many people start their search for inspiration on the Internet, including your guests. Present yourself online and digitally from your best side.

5. Build partnerships

You don’t have to manage the ongoing digitization of your hotel on your own. Find partners to help you digitize your hotel and support you during the digitization process.

6. Control online travel agencies

Develop a strategy on how to control online travel agencies to your advantage. Enormously high commissions and dependency are usually the result of a non-existent plan. Use the online travel portals and do not let them take advantage of you!

7. Address your guests personally and individually

The personal greeting, whether in the newsletter or on your digital guest directory, increases the satisfaction of your guests. Customize the content of your newsletters and messages for your guests. In this way you convey appreciation to your guests and increase the response rate.

8. Use your collected data

Often a lot of guest data is entered into the PMS system or personal preferences are noted. Evaluate the data and use this knowledge to create future offers and promotions.

9. Integrate suitable digital solutions

You do not have to integrate every digital solution that is available to you as a hotelier. Specifically search for digital solutions for your hotel that meet the wishes and needs of your guests and offer real benefit to you and your guests.