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Digitization In The Best Western Plus Hotel Böttcherhof

“I can’t imagine our hotel rooms without digital guest directories anymore:“

The elegant and modern Best Western Plus Hotel Böttcherhof is located in the southwest of Hamburg and is the perfect starting point for a visit to the important port city as well as a guarantee for successful conferences and events. The privately managed four-star hotel combines personal ambiance with a modern furnishing in a unique way. 164 elegantly furnished rooms impress with their coziness, style and functionality. Six months ago, the digital guest directories from Betterspace have found a home in Böttcherhof’s hotel rooms. There, the smart room folders welcome and delight the guests. So, it is time for us and the smart Head of Sales, Miles Muc to take stock.

Digitization In Hotels – Exciting And Fascinating

Digitization remains an exciting and fascinating mission for the Hotel Böttcherhof. One definitely does not want to stand still. “Certainly, we were at the technical forefront in the public fields as well as in the conference field with ClickShare and touchscreen TVs,” explains Mr. Kuc, but no one wanted to rest on that. “Today, we need and want to be as close as possible to the guests,” the Head of Sales adds. It was clear what it means for the Best Western Plus Hotel: More information available to the guests at all times and not only in the lobby, but also in the hotel rooms. The presentation of the information about the hotel and life in the impressive four-star hotel should, of course, be visually convincing and always up to date.

Digital guest directory iQ Tab in a hotel room at Hotel Böttcherhof

More Satisfied Guests Thanks To Smart Guest Directories

Before the digital guest directories from Betterspace were used in the hotel rooms, many hotel guests did not know about the impressive wellness and fitness area. That had to be changed urgently. The focus of the Böttcherhof was not on additional sales, but on the fact that included services are used more. The free use of the wellness and fitness area ensures an even more relaxed and memorable stay. This leads to even more satisfaction among the already happy guests and thus to new bookings.

Beatiful hotel room in the Best Western Plus Hotel with the iQ Tab
Beatiful hotel room in the Best Western Plus Hotel with the iQ Tab

The Digital Guest Directory Even For The TV

“We are noticing a very positive reception of the digital guest directories among the guests and the using rate of the wellness area is increasing,” says the resourceful Head of Sales. “Now we can finally reach all our guests and thanks to the digital guest directory they are always well informed. Of course, this was not the end for our hotel rooms,” Mr. Kuc adds. The Böttcherhof builds on the positive response of their guests to the digital guest directory iQ Tab. In the future, it will be possible to connect the tablet or the private smartphone, no matter if it is and an Android or Apple device, to the TV in the hotel room. Then private accesses to streaming services can also be used in the hotel.

The Böttcherhof And Betterspace – Close Partners Thanks To Digitization

„Even today, six months after the delivery, I‘m always happy to call my contact person at Betterspace, feel well cared for and feel, that my requests and wishes are implemented accordingly. As we had hoped, no request for a change of the iQ Tab software has ever been denied,“ says Mr. Kuc. “We notice an absolutely positive reception of the digital guest directory and the associated digitization of our hotel. Now we have made it possible that really all guests can benefit from the digital progress in our hotel,“ the smart Head of Sales adds with satisfaction.