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Digitization in Hotels – New Catalogue of Criteria for Hotel Classification In 2020

More Attention on Digitization of Hotels

With the scandal around faked hotel stars that emerged at the beginning of 2016, everyone was talking about hotel classification. Unfortunately, the hoteliers’ confidence in the classification and the system was also diminished. After a tough intervention on the part of the DEHOGA Bundesverband with several penalties for the fake stars, calm seems to be returning. From 2020 there will be a new points catalogue. This has already been published in advance.

The catalogue for the star award is regularly updated every five years. This ensures that changing market requirements and guest needs are taken into account. The aim is to ensure that the star classification is up to date and significant. According to a survey conducted by the TNS Infratest Institute on behalf of DEHOGA, the stars play an important role for 47 percent of travellers when selecting a suitable hotel.

New Criteria for the Classification

Due to our fast moving times, five years is a relatively long time. Digital assistants have already conquered hotels. Some hoteliers find it long overdue to adapt and revise the catalogue. The preliminary catalogue was recently published. From 2020, more attention will be paid to the focal topics of digitalisation and sustainability in classification. We have looked at which digital solutions will soon bring more points.

Smart Multitainment-Station iQ Tab in a hotel room
Smart multitainment station iQ Tab in a hotel room

1. Digital Guest Directories: Crack the Highscore!

Our digital guest directory iQ Tab alone scores in combination with its little sister iQ Tab up to 52 points for the hotel classification. This makes the multitainment station in hotel rooms the absolute front-runner. Because the all-rounder in the hotel room substitutes internet device, telephone, remote control, service manual, regional information as well as the classic hotel ABC and much more, additional points can be collected in a total of 18 categories.

Of course, the versatility not only helps with the awarding of stars, but also with the improvement of internal workflows and communication with guests. The sustainability and green image of hotels also benefit enormously from the tablet. The possibility to cancel room cleaning digitally with a finger wipe reduces the consumption of water and cleaning agents in the hotel and also relieves the staff.

2. Intelligent Smart Hotel Systems – More Points and More Sustainability With Automation

Our intelligent Smart Hotel System iQ Roomcontrol will soon help hoteliers to get more stars. Hoteliers receive up to 27 points for it. The system works like the well-known Smart Home systems at home. However, intelligent algorithms and scalability are perfectly adapted to the needs of hotels. Following the example of Smart Home, temperature, light and blinds can be adjusted independently depending on occupancy. And not only in the hotel room, but also in all public areas.

Intelligent room control system iQ Roomcontrol, awarded with the “Best of Market Award 2019”

Of course, the guest can also set his or her own favourite temperature very easily. Of course, there is also an interface to the iQ Tab so that the bathroom can be preheated to 25 degrees comfortably from the bed. The automatic control system thus ensures greater energy efficiency in the hotel, reduces energy consumption and, in addition, CO2 emissions and ensures greater sustainability. The annoying checking of open windows and radiators will thus be spared in the future.

3. Electric Mobility – Earn More Stars at Full Speed

The topic of electromobility in hotels is also covered in the new star catalogue. Those who offer guests an EV charging station can earn five additional points in the classification. The five points don’t sound much at first, but hoteliers should think about their effect at this point. Because hotels profit enormously. .

The charging station not only ensures the development of a new group of guests and thus secures demand, but also a sustainable image. But beware! Simply blindly installing any EV charging station can quickly become very expensive. Our intelligent solution iQ Charger with dynamic load management prevents the sharp increase in peak loads and still reliably supplies electric cars with electricity. That saves you from rising costs!

Intelligent charging station iQ Charger by Betterspace at a hotel
Intelligent EV charging station iQ Charger at the Steigenberger Hotel Eisenach

4. WLAN – The Must-Have for Hotels

WLAN is not only a decisive factor for hotel guests when choosing a hotel. It also secures a point in the star rating. “Just one point,” many will think. Yes, only one. That doesn’t sound like much, but let’s be honest: Without WLAN and Internet our life today is no longer imaginable, is it? Just checking an e-mail on the way, streaming your favourite TV show during the long train ride or simply checking the weather forecast during a bike tour. All this would be impossible without WLAN and Internet.

What is new, however, is that from 2020 WLAN and Internet access will be mandatory in the classification catalogue, both in the public area and in rooms from 2 stars upwards. This is a good thing, because what use are all the smart and digital helpers and assistants in the hotel without Internet? After all, digitization is based on this and reliable Internet is now one of the fundamental rights of the younger generations. Our high-performance hot-spot solution iQ WLAN, specially developed for hotels, provides a solution if the WLAN connection in the hotel should still go on strike.