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Digital Guest Directory In The Wellness Hotel „Das Weitblick Allgäu“

Das Weitblick Allgäu & Betterspace

On 17 August 2018, time came for the hotel Das Weitblick Allgäu to open their doors and welcome their first hotel guests. The hotel with a view to the future offers a breathtaking panorama and a fantastic wellness landscape on more than 2000m². Here, regional influences meet international inspirations united in a modern ambiance, which invites you to relax and clear your mind. Conference and holiday guests are spoiled with all kinds of delicates by the restaurant Weitblick, the Fäulein Lecker World and the Sky bar. Of course, there is one thing that can not be missing: the digital guest directory iQ Tab from Betterspace.

Digitization Is Important For Hotels

Just in time for the great opening, our digital guest directories from Betterspace were waiting in the hotel rooms. Digital solutions play an important role in the hotel industry and anyone who opens a new hotel wants to and must be up to date. „In our hotel, digitization is a high priority. Unfortunately, too little importance is attached to digitization and compared to other industries the hotel industry is lagging behind,“ says Kassandra Martin, Reception Manager of the hotel Das Weitblick Allgäu.

Digital hotel information folder with telephone function

Digital Guest Directory Replaces Classic Room Telephones

Anna Zielke, director of the four-star wellness and conference hotel, became attentive to Betterspace at this year‘s Intergastra. More or less by chance did Mrs. Zielke and Mrs. Martin land at our Betterspace booth and decided, thanks to the detailed and competent advice, for the smart digital guest directories. In addition to the extensive features of the digital guest directory, the telephone function and the selection of different hardware were crucial factors. For there will be no telephones in the hotel rooms of Das Weitblick Allgäu.

Many Benefits Thanks To Smart Guest Directories

Why would anyone need a telephone if you can easily replace it with the smart guest directory iQ Tab? It is not only a substitute for your outdated analogue guest directory but thanks to the telephone function, can also be used as a room telephone for hotel guests. So, from day one, every hotel guest of Das Weitblick Allgäu is easily making calls from their digital guest directory. That does not only save money but also a lot of space. „Without the digital guest directories, there would be far too much paper in the rooms, and guests would quickly lose track of important or interesting information,“ says Kassandra Martin.

Digital guest directory in the layout of the Hotel Das Weitblick

Digital Guest Directory Relieves The Reception

With the digital guest directory iQ Tab, hotel guests have all important information in one place, or rather on one tablet. „In the end our reception staff is relieved,“ Mrs. Martin adds. Thanks to the fancy design of the smart guest directories and their digital form, guests are more encouraged to deal with the information in the guest directory by themselves. This way, many questions that are usually asked by the guests are answered right away. „Guests find answers to their questions easily on their own,“ says Mrs. Martin.

Push Messages For More Turnover In Hotels

In addition, the smart guest directory from Betterspace stands out due to the ability of sending push messages. „We can reach our guests thanks to the push messages not only quickly but also in a targeted way,“ explains reception manager Mrs. Martin. With the help of the digital guest directory iQ Tab, Das Weitblick Allgäu will in future inform its guests about free massage appointments or seats in the restaurant. Thanks to push messages, the smart guest directory is the perfect sales booster for hotels and increases the turnover. Of course, templates for push messages can also be stored. A targeted plan for push messages makes it very easy to keep the money flowing.

Digital Guest Directory iQ Tab Is Installed Quick And Easy

The installation process of the digital guest directory in Das Weitblick Allgäu went smoothly. „I had the most effort with finding the documents,“ the reception manager jokes. „Betterspace created the design and added the content and then delivered the digital guest directory ready to use. The installation was really uncomplicated and quick, and the cooperation with Betterspace is going really great,“ explains Mrs. Martin. That is why her tip for all hoteliers involved in digitizing their hotel is: „Take advise from Betterspace, it‘s highly recommended!“