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Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig: Innovative interfacing of Betterspace and Hotelkit makes for less effort

Hotelkit and Betterspace successfully in use

For some time now, the family suites and chalets at the Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig have been equipped with the digital guest directory better.guest. In order to improve not only the communication with guests, but also the internal employee communication, they also rely on the employee collaboration tool from Hotelkit, which is connected to the digital guest directory. The interface between the two solutions has just been updated, making communication even easier. Time to talk to Florian Mayer, Managing Partner of Familux Resorts, about changing guest needs as well as the use of digital solutions in the hotel and their advantages for employees and guests. But let’s start from the beginning.

The Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig

The Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig is one of the top addresses beyond the borders of Gosau in Austria and stands for a carefree family holiday. Europe’s most innovative family hotel is a Betterspace customer since 2018. Like no other, the spacious resort manages to provide families with an eventful and at the same time relaxing stay. Because everything has been thought of here, from culinary treats to childcare to the wellness area and the perfect equipment for families paired with a sophisticated design. Of course, digitalization should not be missing here.

The in-room tablet is simply part of the package

“Just as our hotels evolve, guests and their needs evolve. They are becoming more and more digitally savvy. The better.guest guest directory on the in-room tablet has completely and seamlessly replaced the analogue guest information folders in all our hotels,” the Managing Partner explains. Of course, children and parents know how to use a tablet, after all, most of them know it from home. “The tablet with the guest directory has developed into an object that, like the phone in the hotel room, is now simply part of it and completely normal,” Mr. Mayer adds.

Digital guest directory from Betterspace in the Dachsteinkönig
Digital guest directory from Betterspace becomes an everyday item at Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig and is gladly used by the guests.

95 percent of communication is digital

Communication with guests has changed rapidly in recent years. “Digital communication methods now account for 95 per cent of our communication. But the last five per cent should remain analogue. These are, for example, handwritten letters from our managing director to our VIP guests, where it is simply a matter of the personal touch and the special feel,” Managing Partner Florian Mayer explains.

In-room tablets have improved the ordering process

The fact that the digital guest directory has completely convinced is shown not least by the fact that all Familux resorts are now equipped with the digital helper. The staff and guests are enthusiastic about it. “Of course, our guests use the in-room tablets first to get information about the hotel, trip destinations, the surroundings and the weather. But also as a means of communication with our staff. They use the chat to write requests, give us feedback and reviews, quickly and easily order a refill of the minibar or request room cleaning. The tablets have a positive influence on our service because the ordering mechanisms have improved,” Florian Mayer says happily.

Hotel room at Dachsteinkönig Familux Resort
The chalets and family suites convince with a well thought-out and child-friendly equipment and a unique design.

Hotelkit and Betterspace simplify guest communication

To ensure that orders always reach the right member of staff, the staff communication tool Hotelkit has been integrated into the guest directory. Hotelkit is the only staff communication tool at the Dachsteinkönig and the other Familux resorts. Writing e-mails or, even worse, notes to each other simply doesn’t fit into the concept here. “It’s just great that all orders, requests and feedback merge and are transferred from the guest directory directly to Hotelkit. This makes working in the hotel much easier. You can track which employee has taken on which task, misunderstandings are avoided and our guests get a first-class service we can be proud of. What more could anyone ask for?” the satisfied Managing Partner explains.

Update of the interface ensures more efficiency

Just recently, there was an important update for the interface between Hotelkit and Betterspace. The update now also makes it possible to specifically send new tasks, orders and reservations that have been received via the digital guest directory to the right department and only to this department. This way, requests for baby or child care end up directly with the right contact person in the hotel. “The update makes the entire communication and interaction with our guests even easier. If, for example, a bottle of wine is ordered, the order lands directly with our sommelier. This is simply great for us and our guests. It saves time and is simply more workflow-oriented. We are very happy with the synergy of Betterspace and Hotelkit,” Florian Mayer says.

Sommelier advises hotel guests
Very popular with guests: the video library and the perfect advice from the sommelier at the Familux Resort Dachsteinkönig

Soon also phone calls will be possible via the digital guest directory

In the future, the Familux resorts will go one step further in the area of communication using the digital guest directory. In summer 2022, the newest Familux member “The Grand Green” will open its doors and gates in the beautiful Thuringian Forest in Oberhof. “Here, we will put the telephone feature of the digital guest directory into operation for the first time. There will no longer be any classic room telephones. This means that communication in the hotel room will run entirely via the digital guest directory on the in-room tablet,” Managing Partner Florian Mayer adds. We at Betterspace are very much looking forward to the new joint project and thank you for the exciting insights into the changed guest communication in the Familux Resorts.

Hotel guest uses digital guest directory in the hotel
The guest directory supports hotel guests in placing orders and searching for information. The integrated babyphone function also scores particularly well.