More Hotel Stars thanks to Digital Guest Directory

Außenansichte Wladhotel Albachmühle

The idyllic Waldhotel Albachmühle, located in the sunny district of Trier-Saarburg near the Moselle, faces various difficulties in the area of digitisation due to its location. As beautiful, relaxing and quiet as it is for guests, no one wants to sacrifice access to the Internet and the possibility to telephone. But the infrastructure in the field of information and telephony was not ideal.

The end of usage traces on guest directories

That’s the reason Ms Fiedler, owner of the newly classified three-star hotel, went online last year to find new opportunities for her guest directories and information portfolios. The clever manager then discovered the iQ Tabs by Betterspace. „The constant exchange and updating of guest information was a lot of effort but, still, our former guest directories always showed traces of usage and looked worn out, no matter how often I renewed them“, Ms Fiedler described. With the iQ Tabs, the digital guest directories those struggles are now tackled. Since then, information for guests is always up-to-date and is easily updated at the touch of a button. This change does not only save time but also money for printing costs.

A tablet as a room telephone

The many features of the innovative digital guest directories were discovered one after another, both by the hotel manager as well as by her guests. The fact that the iQ Tabs can be used to telephone increased satisfaction enormously. This required a modern VoIP telephone system. „I was thrilled that our new digital guest directories can be used as room telephones too, which I was initially not aware of. Every day I discovered more features and the decision to install the corresponding telephone system iQ Phonesystem was made quickly“, Ms Fiedler explained.

Many features help to achieve a better star classification

digitale Gästemappe im Hotelzimmer von Hotel Albachmühle

The many features and the already mentioned telephoning via iQ Tab and iQ Phonesystem as well as the provision of digital TV magazines and newspapers even helped Ms Fiedler to increase the star classification of her hotel. Guests are now welcomed not just by two, but three stars at the entrance of the Waldhotel Albachmühle. Ms Fiedler as well as the responsible staff for the classification of DEHOGA hotels were thrilled by the new digital guest directories and their versatile application possibilities. „I am very happy to have chosen Betterspace as our partner in the area of digitisation. I would have never expected the digital guest directories to entail so many positive effects for me and the hotel - and the cooperation with Betterspace is really uncomplicated and working great“, Ms Fiedler emphasised.